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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


Romantic Tuesday: Painting The Atmosphere

Thoughts crossing my mind

The river bends

The lantern floats along its path

The riverbed’s soil is fresh

The scent of roses in the air

Time is a delicate bridge

As we stand in the middle of flowing thoughts

The hope that awakens with us

The hope we carry throughout the day

Nurturing the roots to keep the petals alive

Hearts and minds synchronized

A petition to God for our day to come

The days are colored with and carry a familiar tone

The hope to laugh and cry as we decorate our home

And paint the atmosphere with the thoughts of our next dream

The scent of roses in the air


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Romantic Tuesday:  Our Humble Prayer 


Give us a space in this life

To fully experience us

 The base of the dream never changes

“One day” 

The day we long to see

Patience tested and stretched 

 Our faith doesn’t waver

Love gives to us all that is needed

A day at a time is all we can breathe in

Is it meant to be?

We believe 

God does what is beyond belief 

His hands holds our hands together 

We only want that space in this life

To be us

Our humble prayer 

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The Picture


All we have

Is the picture

The picture of what we hope for

What we dream of

What we long for

Prayers burn in the chest

Petitions for God to digest

We hold on to short straws and long shots

We hold on to horizons that appear then disappear and reappear

Faith casts a wide net

We sit in this room with a view

Hoping, dreaming

Filling in all the details of the picture

Appreciating all that we have


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4 Line Stories: The Prayer Tree

With stirring hearts they said a prayer

That the light of love would always be there

So as they gathered around on this special day

Be sure much peace and love was sent your way

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What Is Today?

Down by the lake

The air is fresh this morning 

Filling the lungs and clearing the mind

Keeping my balance on this lifeline 

I see the birds enjoying their morning flight

I acknowledge them with a smile (as if they would notice)

What is today?  Another day, 

Closer to the next day

What this day contains, I really don’t know

I am hopeful for good things, good happenings 

If not for me, for the millions occupying the earth

So I close my eyes and think, aware that God is tuned in to my frequency 

I open my eyes and take time to appreciate the sky

And those birds that are still having a good time up there

I wonder if they are smiling at me?


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