In Abundance

Matthew 7:7 – “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you Open and receptive Spirit and heart Logic and natural reasoning completely turned off Connecting with God Leaving self on the sidelines Not limiting an omnipotent God With my limited mind […]

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Alone Now

Words that run deep. Alone now and blowing out candles to wishes I will never make. Instead, lighting a lamp and saying a prayer. Let go of breathing in that heavy air, no need to suffocate your soul. Toying with the notion of grabbing hold of the sky and leaving my heart there, no space […]

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What You Make

The brightest side is what you make of it Your eyes will see many things Your mind will perceive and decipher Your heart will paint what you desire it to be It’s all hope in a nutshell waiting to be cracked It all settles into place eventually Depending on what you make of it * […]

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Crossroads and Detours

Two directions Maybe more At this crossroad Choices await I see the signs That lead to a detour Which way to go? There is no easy way There is only the way The arrow points in the right direction Towards the truth * photo credit:

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Frames of Time

Sentiments Souls bared Frames of time Thoughts in the fire Growing flames Consuming emotions Ashes of another day Blown with the wind * Wait Sometimes That’s all You can do Just wait • photo credit:

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