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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


4 Line Stories: What She Didn’t Know


Every time I found myself going through an underpass, total darkness

Whenever the moment placed a sudden heaviness upon my soul

I always knew it was only temporary and light was just around the bend

She didn’t realize just how much her presence was daylight to me, pure daylight


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Romantic Tuesday: Your Reflection


Holding up a mirror to you

I only want you to see what I see

Not taking anything away from your esteem

The perspective from my heart is clean

You are so much more than a physical being

Your thoughtfulness and care weigh heavy on my scale

Pieces of you are everywhere

Because you give so much of you

I do not need any clues to see this truth

I steadily appreciate all that you do

Not taking anything for granted

I have seen too many times, here today and gone tomorrow

So, I appreciate deeply, the here with you

If I could give you a tenth of what you give to me

I think we could light up a small city

You light up my world immensely

And I hope in some way you can see that in your reflection

I will do my best to show you that all you give and do

Is just a small portion of what makes you so beautiful

There is so much that words cannot measure up

I express what I know

You give all things new meaning


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4 Line Stories: In His Presence

In those moments when the world moves along quietly

I find a space unoccupied and sit under a canopy of thoughts

Counting my blessings until my spiritual pockets are empty

Sitting back, up against God’s feet, I breathe in, deeply


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The Heart of Life

Hope is a mantra vibrating within

Her heart in a state of serenity

She is the embodiment of light

Ready to step into a new light

Giving her hand to the man

Who vows to be a man

Rare and sacred is the joining of souls

Connected by an unspoken bond

Long before vows are spoken

Love is an unbreakable cord

Once in a lifetime does light take human form

An oasis in the middle of all chaos

She is the heart of life

She is the heart of the home

A blessing, divine


Presence of Summer

Summer days winding down

I’m hearing the last of the bird’s summer songs

Autumn’s rains will come

And the birds will sleep in, leaving only silent mornings

I will lay in bed a while and remember

A perfect summer day, you sitting on that park bench

Your smile, bringing the surroundings to life

Deepening the colors of every living things

My eyes comprehending and vividly living through your eyes

I will lay in bed a little while longer and remember

You all dressed in white

A composition of living light

A beautiful dream in my reality

The camera lens captured you wonderfully that day

And as I lay in bed, remembering that day

Your presence reminds me that summer is never that far away

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To be in your presence

words cannot describe

this is when the heart takes off

a meshing of hope and a dream

drum roll please, 4,3,2,1

“Houston, we have lift off”

my heart is in the stratosphere

so beautiful up here

I know my feet will soon touch the ground

in your presence, it would be a solid ground

to land on

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