Warm Greetings

I placed her favorite plant by the window In hopes that she would know  I believed she did know somehow As the heart shaped petals floated in through the window The plant stems seemed to raise themselves Sensing her presence The warmth I felt within Said it all * gif credit: Gfycat Advertisements

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The Heart of Life

Hope is a mantra vibrating within Her heart in a state of serenity She is the embodiment of light Ready to step into a new light Giving her hand to the man Who vows to be a man Rare and sacred is the joining of souls Connected by an unspoken bond Long before vows are […]

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Presence of Summer

Summer days winding down I’m hearing the last of the bird’s summer songs Autumn’s rains will come And the birds will sleep in, leaving only silent mornings I will lay in bed a while and remember A perfect summer day, you sitting on that park bench Your smile, bringing the surroundings to life Deepening the […]

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