Presence of Summer

Summer days winding down I’m hearing the last of the bird’s summer songs Autumn’s rains will come And the birds will sleep in, leaving only silent mornings I will lay in bed a while and remember A perfect summer day, you sitting on that park bench Your smile, bringing the surroundings to life Deepening the […]

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To be in your presence words cannot describe this is when the heart takes off a meshing of hope and a dream drum roll please, 4,3,2,1 “Houston, we have lift off” my heart is in the stratosphere so beautiful up here I know my feet will soon touch the ground in your presence, it would be […]

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You Make My Day

You are a lift to my day taking me from squire to knight the light of your ways brightens my armor even if you don’t know it your presence shows it something I never lose sight of when you’re not here you are here firmly nestled in a permanent space in my heart photo credit: […]

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The Pearl

  Where you are An inkling of heaven resides Spiritual bliss I would find in your company Stepping outside the perimeters Of eye only thinking I have blinded my eyes And rely on my heart to see When you can see the pearl inside Before the shell comes to mind Then you know the eyes […]

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Sun Series: Essence

Your presence remains a constant Very much alive and well in my thoughts Your essence accents the soul of my life experience I am ever so thankful for the experience of learning you Beauty which graces heart, mind, spirit, and soul Enhances the outer woman that you wear My eyes always fixed on the total […]

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Continuing On

  I see the light I see the Son Giving me the strength To continue on Not in the form of a burning bush But in a greeting from family or a friend I see you in a love that rests in my soul That sails throughout my mind   I see you in flowers and green […]

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If For A Moment

Friendship is not always about the physical presence, it is about having a presence. If just for a moment for a day or for as long as you need I would give you the strength from my heart and body to do as you please run through the tall grass fields walk through the cleansing […]

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