The Acoustics of Love

The acoustics of your heart are so beautiful. Soundwaves of love reverberating through me. I love to listen as you speak, not just with voice, but with all that comes from your heart. With you I understand the blessing of sight and sound….

Our love having enhanced them both

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Sunsets still mesmerize me. This beautiful and bright sphere of light making its way slowly to the other side of the world, where it will rise up high.  Even in my night its light is there, always with me.  You continue to mesmerize me.  The beautiful and bright light within your soul rises up high in my everyday.  Even in my night your light is there, always with me….

Making its way from your soul to mine


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There is a part of me pinching myself to see if I am dreaming, but I always come back to the truth that you are a living dream, so very much alive as a part of me. Quintessential love. To have the one that you had long dreamed of for so long surpasses amazing. Another level of gratitude that only increases over time.  In that moment when you entrusted me with your heart, I committed to guarding it for life…..

With my life


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When I see you blushing, it warms my heart, reminding me of the innocence that still lives within. These are the moments when love swallows us whole and we are whisked away to this enchanted place where we are simply, us. Interweaving lights forming the most beautiful patterns. Not visible to the human eye…

But visible and vivid to heart and soul

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To Never Part

No more waving goodbye. This is what we not only dream but strive for. To catch a glimpse of your face through sleepy eyes, whether morning or middle of the night, will tell me that everything is alright. Watching as the planes fly by overhead, it will be a wonderful feeling knowing that neither you or I are up there, but grounded together…..

And never parting ways again


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Living Words

The words we speak flow gently off the tongue and fall soft into our hearts. They emerge within us like newly transformed butterflies, exhilarated to be alive, giving so much life to our lives. Our love speaks in a living language…

Our hearts understand very well


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Ebb and Flow

Watching the tide and how the water meets the shore, we are shore and tide, meeting and connecting. Our ebb and flow is beautiful. High tide or low, Love’s current moves us along steadily...

Every horizon is ours

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