When you are blessed in such a special and dynamic way, it touches your heart so much that you are in this constant awareness of how blessed you truly are

Not ever taking you for granted

Not ever taking your heart for granted

Not ever taking your love for granted

There are some blessings that eclipse everything you have ever known….

Thank you for being my blessing

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Your Heart Matters

Everything you do resonates within me. I take to heart the words you say and the things you do. How often have you brought a smile to my face or lifted my spirit? More times than I could count. Words cannot always convey how deeply you are respected and appreciated…

Your heart matters dearly


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Looking forward to so much of life with you. The pieces of this life’s pie we’ll share. The sweetness of joy as I lift the veil, as we travel on the trail together, prevailing together, through it all, thick or thin, wearing the same skin, which is love. We will always wear love and love will always breathe through us….

We are conquerors

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The Border

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Once you have crossed the border and reached the point of no return, you become a memory in someone else’s past and a signpost in someone else’s future.  There is broken glass from broken hourglasses, where we tried to make time stand still.  Yet even time has learned that we cannot be broken into pieces.  Love continues to solidify itself within the oneness of our being…

You deserve more than words


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Embracing Light

I have always seen the light in your eyes and how it reflects the light in your life. As you continue to unearthed the treasures within you, I only see you moving closer and closer towards whom you were created to be…

This beautiful living light

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Distant Skies and Distant Shores

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Distant skies and distant shores.  An ocean in between on which our hearts float, like a message in a bottle.  Unwavering faith has taken its place firmly within us and trust is an open line stretching across the sky.  Tell me what is in your heart and I will tell you what is in mine. There are no burdens to bare alone, only a path towards a life to share together. Is there really distance?

Distant skies and distant shores only bring us closer


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High above this Mother Earth, we find our hearts just above the clouds. The search is over and on many sunsets we dreamed, that the one an only to merge heart and soul with would one day be a reality.  This is our reality, experiencing a reawakening within a living dream.  Love is the foundation, center and guide…

We are one and only, always and forever


photo credit: Verne Ho from Burst