Holding Up


When the fog clears

We will really see clearly

Just how we held each other up

Finding strength in the words we shared

We knew going in it wouldn’t be easy

The ever shifting winds have yet to blow us away

Seems they have only brought us closer


photo courtesy of pixabay.com


Sun Series: Authentic

Women - Tattoo Wallpaper

I love all shades of you

independent tones create

A beautiful hue

Your ever-changing pattern within

A kaleidoscope

Blending together the fabric of your soul

Bold and vivid colors

Heighten the distinctness of your character

Spirit of fire

Never fair weather or theater

Always the real you

The one I adore, forevermore

Loving all shades of you

photo credit: http://www.dreamstattoo.com

A Touch of Rain


She is like a drop of rain

They may all look-alike

Like snowflakes

But distinguished in shape

She is refreshing

Ever incandescent

She shines naturally

No posturing or posing

It’s so refreshing

She is more than a dream

She encompasses my reality

Touching the inner man

She is  beauty

Not man-made fashion page

A pearl inside the human shell

God made

She is like a drop of rain

Refreshing my life daily

With the touch from her love


Photo courtesy of: wallpapers.windowsace.com