Invaluable mind Perfecting timing Be it a word or two Or something you do Soul felt appreciation Resonates through and through * photo credit: Advertisements

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The Warrior’s Soul

Maintaining discipline The warrior searches for direction while awaiting orders Sometimes there is an air of aloneness around the outpost Solitary souls yet a spirit of camaraderie Sometimes all we have is each other * photo credit: pixabay

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Perhaps I am A fraction of me In the distance I see Someone I use to know Perhaps I am Decomposing Returning to the ground From which man came Perhaps I am In a process of reconstruction A torn down soul Newly constructed from the ground up I am Perhaps Discovering The whole me For […]

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Under Moonlight

Thoughts aligned Secrets under moonlight Guarded feelings Held tight to the chest Cover my eyes Vivid visualization The moon stays silent Promising to never tell * photo credit:

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A Passing Illusion

I choose to stand In the middle of nowhere Clarifying my understanding But I’m not talking to myself Sometimes, you just have to laugh When you’re surprised but not surprised When the unexpected has a tinge of expectancy So, I take it as it is And not more than it is Actually, making nothing of […]

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Distant Glow

Distant glow The moon hanging on an invisible string The stars are soon to follow I can touch it visually Way beyond my fingertips But I reach Not disturbing the reflection in the water Only stirring the reflection of my thoughts Which stirs something in my heart My heart hanging on an invisible string My […]

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