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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


A Special Poignancy 

A word to the wise

Never make wishes under poignant skies

Since I have been deemed an anomaly 

I cast a dream into these clouds

And sense an air of gratitude 

Poignant skies appreciating that I find them beautiful 

And on this day we have gifted each other with something special 

And on this day we are blessed with a deeper understanding 

God having gifted us both with something so much more

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As life continues its cycle

Some things fade over time

But there are wonders that come around

To keep this cycle of life meaningful 

Some seeds planted never grow

And those that do

You cherished them for all they are worth

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Set Free

Watching them rise 

Higher and higher 

Until they were barely in sight 

Some cried

Some just stood emotionless 

Some smiled and waved

The crowd began to break apart

Yet, some stayed and stared at the sky

It was a good release for most

Goodbyes aren’t easy 

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Bargain Basement 

I’ve been ignored by the best of them

Rejected, despised, outcasted an ostracized 

What I had wasn’t good enough 

Sincerity was bargain basement in their eyes 

I smiled and I laughed as the very soul within was torn apart 

And in the end, The Beatles made me feel good

And in the end, bargain basement sincerity is worth far more than high gloss fakeness 

I am not sad nor am I bitter 

I still find humor in comic strips

And God sure knows how to make you feel special 

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Sometimes, You Get Lost Along The Way


Trying to find my way

Sometimes, you get lost along the way


From the first light of day, crafting experiences

No word count when you don’t know what to say

There are times you stumble

There are times you fall

Even if you stagger to your feet

You know you have to carry on


Sometimes, you get lost along the way

Trying to find my way


Internal retreat

Closing the shudders

In the silence, I just think

But thoughts choose to avoid me

Internal, I fall deeper

Light a candle to light up the void


Trying to find my way

Sometimes, you get lost along the way


What can you do?

Say hush to those voices that try to fool you

Picking up my feet again

The lights are dimming on another day


Trying to find my way


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Release the weight

Find your space

Mind at ease

Peace drizzles down

Heart starts to float

Until taken away

Up and away

Releasing that added baggage

Nothing to carry

No thoughts, no feelings

A singularity state of being


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