Distant Glow

Distant glow The moon hanging on an invisible string The stars are soon to follow I can touch it visually Way beyond my fingertips But I reach Not disturbing the reflection in the water Only stirring the reflection of my thoughts Which stirs something in my heart My heart hanging on an invisible string My […]

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In Alignment

Whichever direction the river of life flows, we let our hearts go. Sometimes the current pulls us where we do not want to go and there is the great struggle. Yet if we keep our hearts strong and do our best to hold on, we will find ourselves back in rhythm with our life’s flow. […]

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A Special Poignancy 

A word to the wise Never make wishes under poignant skies Since I have been deemed an anomaly  I cast a dream into these clouds And sense an air of gratitude  Poignant skies appreciating that I find them beautiful  And on this day we have gifted each other with something special  And on this day […]

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We never know when we’ll be here again. So I took a seat on the ground and visually absorb as much as my mind could process. Time leaves us as quick as it greets us. • photo credit: pexels.com

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As life continues its cycle Some things fade over time But there are wonders that come around To keep this cycle of life meaningful  Some seeds planted never grow And those that do You cherished them for all they are worth • photo credit: pexels.com

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Set Free

Watching them rise  Higher and higher  Until they were barely in sight  Some cried Some just stood emotionless  Some smiled and waved The crowd began to break apart Yet, some stayed and stared at the sky It was a good release for most Goodbyes aren’t easy  • photo credit: pexels.com

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Bargain Basement 

I’ve been ignored by the best of them Rejected, despised, outcasted an ostracized  What I had wasn’t good enough  Sincerity was bargain basement in their eyes  I smiled and I laughed as the very soul within was torn apart  And in the end, The Beatles made me feel good And in the end, bargain basement […]

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