#LoveSong Tuesday: Keith Urban “Making Memories of Us”


#RomanticTuesday: With A Gentle Touch


You move my heart deeply

With great love and affection

That caresses with a gentle touch

The way that you paint your essence across my soul

Like that of an artist’s softest brushstrokes

I am always immersed in the wonder of you

And how you constantly redefine what is beautiful

You make me feel like this brand new person

Time and time again like such a special man

Have I thank you lately for what you see in me?

Thank you


Can I touch your heart

Guard it and mend it

Keep it whole and strong

Pour so much love into it

That it overflows into  your soul

Love you in totality

With no limits on the capacity

In every day see you with new eyes

And make you feel brand new

That’s what you do for me


Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst


#RomanticTuesday: When You Found Me

“I knew you were the love of my life from the very first moment on….”


Thank you, Love

For finding me

And for giving something so beautiful to me

Your heart

Thank you, Love

For occupying this space

This empty place

The room in my heart reserved only for you

I didn’t know when

But I knew someday

Somehow you would find your way

And that was a wonderful moment in a wonderful day

When you found me

Thank you, Love

For finding me

No amount of words

Will ever be able to fully express

How much you mean to me


Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels