#LoveSong Tuesday: Curtis Mayfield “So In Love”


#RomanticTuesday: Kissing Clouds

Without you in the frame, there really is no picture.”


With a ribbon of love wrapped around our wrists

Hands clasped firmly

Ocean gazing

All of this is so amazing

Here we are

Drawing connecting hearts in the sand

Our initials in the middle

We are infinite, my dear

Linked together by love

We disappear

Reappearing as kissing clouds

Looking down

We could swear the ocean is smiling

And we just float away

No glass ceiling in the way

We are infinite, my dear

Infinite, my love


Photo by Kevin Menajang from Pexels

#RonanticTuesday: No One Like You

“I am a fortunate man and everyday I embrace the gift that is you.”

As we are constantly filling in the pages of our story

Each line we write deepens my gratitude and appreciation

A fortunate soul, fortunate to be treasured

A fortune that is incomparable

There is no one like you

You add so much depth to my blue sky

And even more depth to my life

You know how to cause me to have the biggest smile

A favor that I try to return to you

I do not rest on my laurels when it comes to loving you

A privilege to which I am so grateful

There is no one like you

And it is such an awesome feeling

Knowing I have the One, unique and beautiful You


photo credit: Lisa fotios – pexels.com