#RomanticTuesday: Calendar Days

Thinking of you brightens the light on the horizon when missing you runs deep.”

Looking at these calendar days

And how they fade into yesterday

I think about how I thought of you in those days

And how they culminated into how I think of you today

Thoughts springing forth from love

With how much love? I cannot tell

Far beyond the heart can measure, this I know

With each calendar day that comes to life

The life within this love constantly grows

I miss you dear, I know that you know

Sighs heard in the still of the night

Breath even more life into the gratitude of having you

The calendar days will be ours completely someday

Photo by Kévin Dorg from Pexels


#Haiku – Lucidity

Thoughts vibrating loud

Tremors felt in heart, mind, soul

Clear lucidity


photo credit: Pawel L. – pexels.com

#RomanticTuesday: This Is Why My Heart Beats

“I didn’t make a wish, God understood my heart and then you appeared.”

No day is ordinary

I see light behind the routine

Life is not ordinary

You have given it new meaning

A breath of fresh air that fills my soul

The zest for life is big and bold

New eyes

New heart

New thoughts spark in my mind

This love to be blessed with was a beautiful find

No average day since you appeared

And this sense of wonder has made it clear

That you are once in a lifetime

Thank you for shining in my lifetime

My heart beats for you

Photo by Abdullah Öztürk from Pexels

#RomanticTuesday: Kissing Clouds

Without you in the frame, there really is no picture.”


With a ribbon of love wrapped around our wrists

Hands clasped firmly

Ocean gazing

All of this is so amazing

Here we are

Drawing connecting hearts in the sand

Our initials in the middle

We are infinite, my dear

Linked together by love

We disappear

Reappearing as kissing clouds

Looking down

We could swear the ocean is smiling

And we just float away

No glass ceiling in the way

We are infinite, my dear

Infinite, my love


Photo by Kevin Menajang from Pexels

#RonanticTuesday: No One Like You

“I am a fortunate man and everyday I embrace the gift that is you.”

As we are constantly filling in the pages of our story

Each line we write deepens my gratitude and appreciation

A fortunate soul, fortunate to be treasured

A fortune that is incomparable

There is no one like you

You add so much depth to my blue sky

And even more depth to my life

You know how to cause me to have the biggest smile

A favor that I try to return to you

I do not rest on my laurels when it comes to loving you

A privilege to which I am so grateful

There is no one like you

And it is such an awesome feeling

Knowing I have the One, unique and beautiful You


photo credit: Lisa fotios – pexels.com

#RomanticTuesday: Light Above and Below

With light above and light below

We love

Bravely stepping into the unknown

Love is our strengthening bond

When I see your face I see your light

It is a gift of grace

With light above and light below

We embrace

The light of our love growing stronger

The warmth of its glow rising in our souls

When I look into your heart my heart immediately warms

This is our connection

A bond formed by the light of our love

With light above and light below

We love


photo credit: Vân Thâng – pexels.com

#RomanticTuesday: Beautiful Destination

I never knew the power of clasped hands until I met you.”

Thank you for choosing me

Opened hearts discovering such beautiful things

Life redefined with a new perspective

The view extremely breathtaking

Always looking deep into the soul of you

Blessed with a deeper awareness of this life with you

Never taking for granted your heart which you placed in my care

Undaunted on this path to the destination we share

Thank you for choosing me

Thank you for this shared dream

A dream that is so much more

The fruition of unconditional love

The blessing of being home

Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels