#RomanticTuesday: From The Heart

“Thank you”


Always from the heart

Where we start

Where everything starts

I hear you and I listen

Absorbing your thoughts, feelings and emotions

With my heart

Every tear that you have cried

Every moment of loneliness day or night

Every deep breath and sigh

I apologize

Thank you for you

Thank you for your heart so true

For all that you do

There is no measure to my gratitude

And no peak to the altitude

Of my love for you

Always from the heart


Photo by Derick Santos from Pexels

#RomanticTuesday: Differently

“At the end of the day, I am just a man, but loving you will never be ordinary.”



Life looks so differently

When your heart is set free

Thank you for reminding me that I have wings

And I hope that I have delivered to you the same feeling


Experiencing everything differently

My senses brought into a new sense of being

Darling, you will always be a gift to me

This beautiful connection of ours will always be


Gazing at you differently

Because there is more of you that I see

And seeing more of you gives even more meaning

To all that is an all of which the heart foresees


Love sees all differently

Opening all possibilities

Possibilities. created just for You and Me


Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels




#RomanticTuesday: The Lake

Image result for mountain lake sunset

Loving sentiments fill the atmosphere

We dance slowly to the sounds of silence

Our hearts in perfect rhythm

As the sun fades behind the mountain

We say our vows to one another

A re-dedication of  love which will never fade

There has always been something special about this lake

Placing my hand on your cheek

Wiping away a tear with my thumb

You place your hand on my heart

This moment is real

Love is real

Way beyond today

Our love will always remain real


photo credit: Flickr


#RomanticTuesday: Butterfly Souls

“Protect you, love and respect you. This is more than a thought or a feeling.”

There will be times when the sweetest sunrise will welcome us into a new day

A kiss, an embrace and we put our plans in place

Escaping the routine path, improvised laughs

Creating heart stamped memories along the way

Butterfly souls, so boldly colorful

The world is a garden we explore

As we walk upon the afternoon sun, turning every moment into something fun

Who’d ever thought life could be so beautiful

Arm in arm our puzzle of plans connect

Into a wonderful portrait of Love’s effect

When it is at the center of it all

A slow moving sunset, shifts afternoon towards evening

Feelings an emotions deepening

So many lovely moments in our hearts we tuck away

So completely taken away

There will be times when the softest lullabies will guide us into the night

Where our butterfly souls will take flight once again in a dream

Inseparable always

Photo by Emre Kuzu from Pexels

#RomanticTuesday: The Whole of You

“I see the leaves changing colors and I love how you are blossoming.”

There are many layers to you

I love them all even before discovering them all

Should it take a lifetime then let it be so

I only know that you are everything to me

And everything thing about you I embrace wholeheartedly

How could I not love the whole of you

Seeing your roots and how firmly they are entrenched

Seeing you branch out into your own special being

And my, how lovely the many colors of your inner being continue to show themselves beautifully

I so love discovering the layers of you

And loving them all

I will always love the whole of you

Photo by Cxpturing Souls from Pexels

#RomanticTuesday: With A Gentle Touch


You move my heart deeply

With great love and affection

That caresses with a gentle touch

The way that you paint your essence across my soul

Like that of an artist’s softest brushstrokes

I am always immersed in the wonder of you

And how you constantly redefine what is beautiful

You make me feel like this brand new person

Time and time again like such a special man

Have I thank you lately for what you see in me?

Thank you


Can I touch your heart

Guard it and mend it

Keep it whole and strong

Pour so much love into it

That it overflows into  your soul

Love you in totality

With no limits on the capacity

In every day see you with new eyes

And make you feel brand new

That’s what you do for me


Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst


#RomanticTuesday: When You Found Me

“I knew you were the love of my life from the very first moment on….”


Thank you, Love

For finding me

And for giving something so beautiful to me

Your heart

Thank you, Love

For occupying this space

This empty place

The room in my heart reserved only for you

I didn’t know when

But I knew someday

Somehow you would find your way

And that was a wonderful moment in a wonderful day

When you found me

Thank you, Love

For finding me

No amount of words

Will ever be able to fully express

How much you mean to me


Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels