Warm Greetings

I placed her favorite plant by the window

In hopes that she would know 

I believed she did know somehow

As the heart shaped petals floated in through the window

The plant stems seemed to raise themselves

Sensing her presence

The warmth I felt within

Said it all


gif credit: Gfycat

The Sevens: Vibrations

Shared light

Transference of energies

In tune with our surroundings

Positive and negative

Conversation between the senses

Resonating beyond the distance

Vibrations felt, without a touch

~ photo credit: sacredembrace.org

It Makes Perfect Sense

I sense you in the atmosphere

The winds have changed

I see you resting on the green grass

Spring morning dew

Your scent lingers long after our last embrace

Gently caressing my nostrils

Hearing your voice causes a tremor within

My ears are tingling

The essence of you tastes of beauty

As your name dances on my tongue

We surf a wave of emotions

Rising from one another’s touch

The senses are heightened

Whenever you are near

My heart is beating a little faster

I sense you in the atmosphere