The Gift (part 3)

Sometimes, what is in the heart remains silent until it connects with another heart.

Photo credit: S.L.A.

Life is not always black and white

For where there is darkness

Soon there will be light

We were both needles in a haystack but somehow we found each other. Did God have this planned all along? Although surrounded it felt like I had been walking alone all these years but that feeling was layed to rest the moment I met you. Did you feel the same way too? Sometimes I think we were born on opposite ends of the same path and brought together to walk a new unbeaten path, together.

Two sides of the same coin

Twin souls reunited

Two hearts renergized

Unconditional love ignited

The Gift (part 1)

Photo credit: S.L.A.

Sometimes, what is in the heart remains silent until it connects with another heart.

So many dreams that were planted and nurtured with hope. The biggest of dreams was a silhouette. No clear cut picture to grasp, just the hope that this heart would not fall by the wayside.

Where do broken hearts go?

Where do longing hearts find refuge?

A question that pricked like a thorn in the flesh. The constant unspoken prayer from the deepest recess of the soul that pleaded to be answered. God answers prayer but not in a way one might expect….

To be continued

The Port

We rejoiced with those who had the courage to set sail and break free from the frail foundations they had inhabited for so long. While there were tears, they were of the utmost joy, knowing that none would be forgotten, even those who chose to remain.

For them, there were plenty of symbolic white flags.


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The Collector

Words that she had guarded for so long, began to seep out from her heart. I think she was unaware, maybe she couldn’t hold them inside anymore. I gathered them together carefully, not wanting to overlook any one. I didn’t count myself as a hero, just as a presence to let her know she was not alone… and understood.


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Lost Confessions

(Excerpted from a recently discovered letter..undated.)

My dearest love,

I can only hope the stars that I chose and sent to you continue to hold their shine. I look at the gaping hole in the night sky and miss the light of you emit in our everyday. I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits. I myself, am of good liveliness within as thoughts of you carry me through this prolonged separation. The villagers here have been welcoming and generous in kindness. We can only hope that our efforts here are successful and help in the restoration and development of this and surrounding villages. The freedom fighters have long since left.

I know that in each letter I tell you but I cannot let this letter leave my hands without expressing to you how much I miss the presence of your being and the point of peace you represent in my life. I miss our little home and every thing that sits in its proper place there. Upon my return we shall sit close to the fireplace wrapped in a blanket, reacquainting our souls. Always know, my love that there is nowhere that I’d rather be than home with you.

Perhaps this will be my final mission abroad. The spectrum of settling down and living out our days together, grows larger..

No Names


We talked and we smiled. There were no romantic overtones, we just talked. We shared bits of our life, we didn’t exchange names, only what we hoped the day would bring. The soft scent of her perfume and the sincerity in her eyes stuck with me. I don’t know what if any impression I left with her, I believe we were what each other needed for that moment…

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