We jumped Nothing but sky Faithfully Abandoning prerequisites, legends and myths Leaning on heaven’s whisperings The wind carrying us to such beautiful certainties * photo credit: pexels.com     Advertisements

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Violet Sky

Imbedded within this purple sky The innermost thoughts of the heart lie The fragrance of violets and lilac fill the air A climate created by our dreams up there * photo credit: Tenor Gif Keyboard

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Poignant Sky

Life can take a toll Even if you don’t want to pay Collecting change and waiting Rearrange the pieces But the centerpiece remains in place Not looking towards the sky Peering deep into my heart To find a resurrected God Always there My soles press on step by step Despite exhausted legs Hope can be […]

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My Ticket To Ride

Borrowed the sky for awhile  God did not mind, He is generous like that Viewing the land  Getting away from the ruckus Wondering what would have happen if The Beatles never broke up This is my ticket to ride Bonafide breathtaking moment  Do not know exactly where I am headed  It’s cool though  God told […]

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Yet I Find

Night sky Deepest of blue Stars speckled throughout Freckles on the universe Yet I find Beauty in cacti that pantomime Not wasting a moment of life Appreciating the stars Before they give their last performance Did I say “hi” today? I hope my head was in it today (life) Read some words that stuck with […]

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