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#Haiku – Heavy Clouds 

Rain tapping on glass

The grey sky is misty eyed

Even the clouds sigh


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Poignant Sky


Life can take a toll

Even if you don’t want to pay

Collecting change and waiting

Rearrange the pieces

But the centerpiece remains in place

Not looking towards the sky

Peering deep into my heart

To find a resurrected God

Always there

My soles press on step by step

Despite exhausted legs

Hope can be a stubborn mule

Refusing to be moved

All the while infusing the spirit

I’m not waiting the sun to shine

Permanent light is inside

The sky is holding back the tears

Though it wants to cry

I just keep on walking

As the clouds make their way by


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My Ticket To Ride

Borrowed the sky for awhile 

God did not mind, He is generous like that

Viewing the land 

Getting away from the ruckus

Wondering what would have happen if The Beatles never broke up

This is my ticket to ride

Bonafide breathtaking moment 

Do not know exactly where I am headed 

It’s cool though 

God told me to take my time, no rush

Not a lot of folks asking for sky time these days

So I put the compass in my back pocket 

And got back to musing about The Beatles 

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4 Line Stories: Change of Dress

Morning sun drapes the sky

In a different hue of wakening light

“I prefer my blue and patches of white” says the sky

“Just wanted to see you in something different” says the sun, shining bright 


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Yet I Find


Night sky

Deepest of blue

Stars speckled throughout

Freckles on the universe

Yet I find

Beauty in cacti that pantomime

Not wasting a moment of life

Appreciating the stars

Before they give their last performance

Did I say “hi” today?

I hope my head was in it today (life)

Read some words that stuck with me

Felt good to be stuck to

Sort of like those stars up there

Sticking to the night sky

Prompting me to remember those words again

Felt good to shine briefly


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Fist Full of Sun

Eyes looking up

Fist full of sun

Burning palms

Placed them on my heart

“Do you remember that?”

When your hands were like fire

Melting me like molten lava

Did I ever say?, “You are amazing, dear”

We were deer in headlights once

Once our eyes locked, we couldn’t turn away

Mesmerized by the sun highlighting the side of your face

Beautiful profile

There goes my heart again, heating up

My chest is burning as the thoughts make their way up to my mind

Memory hangover

Laying over, waiting to take flight again

Maybe I’ll just fly with them

While holding my fist full of sun

Keeping your shine close to my heart



And All These Words


And all these words
Pound in my heart
Like a herd of elephants
They march towards the opening
The expression of truth I can’t hold back
Magnificent truths
I see stars in the day sky
I see beauty with every tear cried
I see the face of love, I cannot deny
And all these words
They belong free
To march to a destined place
To settle comfortably in your heart
And they march magnificently

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