Friday Inspiration: Smile, When You Think You Can't

Things can get tough

But it only last for a while

Draw from your well of joy

Show the world your smile

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#Haiku – Sunnyside Up

A thought, then a smile

Rising again like the sun



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#RomanticTuesday: Ribbons and Bows

Love is a gift

Your heart, the ribbon

Your smile, the bow

Every day I recognize this more

Your love is a treasure

Your being, priceless

Never do I or will I undervalue You

God gives the perfect gifts

With You I am gifted more than I will ever know

Your heart, the ribbon

Your smile, the bow

Thank you for the gift of You

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#RomanticTuesday: Welcome, My Darling

It’s good to be welcomed home

To know the heart is at home

You will always be the heart of our home

This is a concrete fact

Solidified in each welcoming smile we exchange

My, how life has changed since we first met

A steady progression to happily ever after

Love is vibrant in all our days

And we will always welcome each other to a new day

With nothing but love


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Dial Up That Smile

The weekend is here

A difference atmosphere

Friday in motion

Not much commotion

Wherever you find yourself

Be good to yourself

In you there is only one

And you deserve some fun

At least for a while

Crack a few smiles



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