#RomanticTuesday: Ribbons and Bows

Love is a gift

Your heart, the ribbon

Your smile, the bow

Every day I recognize this more

Your love is a treasure

Your being, priceless

Never do I or will I undervalue You

God gives the perfect gifts

With You I am gifted more than I will ever know

Your heart, the ribbon

Your smile, the bow

Thank you for the gift of You

photo credit: Kristina Paukshtite – pexels.com

#RomanticTuesday: Welcome, My Darling

It’s good to be welcomed home

To know the heart is at home

You will always be the heart of our home

This is a concrete fact

Solidified in each welcoming smile we exchange

My, how life has changed since we first met

A steady progression to happily ever after

Love is vibrant in all our days

And we will always welcome each other to a new day

With nothing but love


photo credit: pexels.com

Dial Up That Smile

The weekend is here

A difference atmosphere

Friday in motion

Not much commotion

Wherever you find yourself

Be good to yourself

In you there is only one

And you deserve some fun

At least for a while

Crack a few smiles



gif credit: imgur.com

#RomanticTuesday: Forever Defined


Turning the hourglass

Watching the grains of sand fall

Trying to hold on to forever


In you I define forever

Whenever I see you smile

Inspiration that infiltrates my heart

Giving added light to all that makes my day

Every day forever is redefine in your laugh

This bombastic explosion of joy

That shakes me at the core

A laugh which I adore highly

Because your joy is my purpose

A purpose that is the foundation of forever

The forever we share

One moment to the next

Defined and redefined

In you


photo credit: pexels.com





Not Factory Issued


What I have always appreciated most

Is that it was not factory issued

Or a ghost

It was real

The genuine article

Not preassembled or copied and pasted

And each time I was fortunate to catch a glance

Or come to face to face with it

My day took a turn for the better

So whatever you do or are in the act of doing

Keep your head up

So I can see you smile