Celestial Flow

This is our day

Tomorrow may never be

I know today is

Thank you heavenly Father

Blessing us beyond imagined thoughts

Celestial flow from your heart

Christmas is everyday

You are the blessing of everyday

One day at a time

I pour out all of me

And hope that it fills you

God is love

Love is light

Light is life

Life is you

This is our day

So much I want to say

Sharing all in every way

Christmas day

I will think of you

And thank God

Because every day has felt like Christmas

Since I opened the gift of you


photo credit: 99wallpapers.net

With Each Drop That Falls

Not another word

Close your eyes

Let me kiss your tears

With each drop that falls

Another of yesterday’s years fades

In this, now

We are in a blissful state

Love’s activities have taken us into unfamiliar territory

So this is what it means to give and have it received

To be so openly receptive and strongly connected

Some, can only dream and some are still dreaming

We have been given the keys to Love’s city

It’s been an emotional ride through the streets

The windows of the heart down to allow more light in

Love is raining inside and pouring out through our eyes

With each drop that falls

We say “goodbye” to another of yesterday’s years


photo credit: www.huffingtonpost.co.uk

In The End

The path given

The road chosen

The obstacles

The distractions

The ups

The downs

The mountains

The valleys

The longings

The patience

The hopes

The hurts

The faith

The joy

In the end

The only thing

That will matter

Is You and I

Right there


~ photo credit: www.travelnation.fr

Time Won’t Change A Thing

We were meant to be

Me with you

You with me

The only equation that adds up

You are universal change

Beautiful in all your ways

The first time I saw you

I remember the moment well

Replayed in my mind, thousands of times

Give me stars and I’ll give them back

They lack the shine that you bring

Forgive me I put your name on repeat

Some things are worth repeating

Time will come and it will pass

The moments will come and they will pass

But time will not ever change my love for you

And every moment with you….

It is everlasting

– photo credit: www.boredpanda.com

Scripted Beautifully


It is in the stars
Scripted lovely
It is in the sun
Scripted beautifully
What glows on the surface of you
Starts at the core of you
Your spirit of life is a blessing to behold
And I hold on to these moments with you
A star gazer
A sun chaser
Filled with overwhelming wonder

Pages of The Soul


I fell in love with the story of you
Which I took the time to read
My mind made up after only one page
Knowing for certain, my heart would follow suit
Gosh, so beautiful a soul!
With each day, you are brand new
No need for a rewrite
This version of you is the truest
I don’t make comparisons
This moment belongs to you and I
And there is a lot more of your story
I am looking forward to reading

~ photo credit : http://www.houstonstationnashville.com

Your Sky

“If you’re going to love someone or something then don’t be a slow leaking faucet—-be a hurricane.”
Shannon L. Alder

Touching her sky

I was swept up in her clear blue

I’ve never seen the earth from this view before

Oceans and trees

Green fields and beautiful streams

Deeper I go into the level of this dream

Meeting you by the riverside

We sit shyly, holding hands

We are in each other’s eyes, lost in a gaze

Your sky has always looked wonderful to me

~ photo credit: http://www.deviantart.com

The Composition of You

Are you made of the words I write?

Or maybe you and I

Are words in a verse being read by another’s eyes

We are an ever-changing story line

Crafted by the creator and read to the world

As we bring the story to life

Verse by verse

Am I in the words you read?

Can you see the poet’s heart bleeding

Metaphors, adjectives and phrases

Threaded together with heart and soul

Did you know that these words belong to you?

To have and hold as yours

It is your heart that they are meant for

Composed of what you mean to me

~ photo credit: www.chilture.com

Beautiful Chinese Woman Portrait Oil Painting

Three Words

The shortest verse

I could ever do

Is the penning of three words

“I love you”

Profound in sound

Resonating deep down

As I turned to her

She smiled

And before my mouth could speak

“I love you too,” she said

Then kissed me on the cheek

I could only smile

Eyebrows raised

“She sure is special,” I thought

Day by day, I’m totally amazed

~ photo credit: theprayingwoman.com

She Is A Living Dream

Breathing in your grace

God, I am left breathless

The sun warms the left side of my face

I wipe the tears

I cannot contain my emotions, she is a living dream

The fields are alive with glory

God holds this moment in his hands

She is joy in the eyes of Spring

Angels unseen, ring bells

Ringing in the renewal of unconditional love

As we step into a new journey

~ photo credit: www.kentwongphoto.com

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