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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.



I guess all I could do was exhale

Long day under the sun’s glare

Filling in the time with routine tasks

And hopeful thoughts

There’s an eclipse ahead, natural phenomenon

I think of you, a natural phenomenon

Sometimes you want to do so much

But there is not much you can do

So you carry on

Filling in the time

Thinking about natural phenomena

And exhale

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The Light of Thankfulness


Treasures come and go. Some are lost and never found. Some are buried and forgotten. Blessings to the heart that has and the heart that receives. Blessings to the heart that is cherished and the soul that is nourished. If it is but for one moment of one day, let it be as a thousand moments and a thousands. A treasure which will forever be held in the light of thankfulness.


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A Special Poignancy 

A word to the wise

Never make wishes under poignant skies

Since I have been deemed an anomaly 

I cast a dream into these clouds

And sense an air of gratitude 

Poignant skies appreciating that I find them beautiful 

And on this day we have gifted each other with something special 

And on this day we are blessed with a deeper understanding 

God having gifted us both with something so much more

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The Brightness

This sandstorm of thoughts appears to be clearing

Up ahead looks like some sort of brightness

My feet sink in the sand with each step I take

But this brightness draws me near

The after affects of being disoriented attempt to confuse me

I am not worried because, my mind never lost rational thinking

And my heart had enough fire to keep my soul from becoming cold

The brightness gives me a feeling of weightlessness

Unshackling my inner being

The brightness is what saved me

The sandstorm dissipates quietly

I gave away life to allow life to be


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