A Gem

Jocelyn Morales at unsplash.com

Even if you are scarred

Don’t allow your heart to become jaded

The world might not take the time to understand you

So focused on the scars and not the inner you

Don’t let it snatch away the glow within you

Scars only refine the gem that is you

#RomanticTuesday – It Will Always Be You

“From all angles you are simply wonderful.”

 frank mckenna at unsplash.com

Long hours

Turn into long days

This longing in my heart

Remains in place


Is time and distance a challenge?

I only accept that they reinforce the amount of love I have for you

Love which is limitless


In the moment you opened a space in your heart for me

I could do nothing short of fill that space will unconditional love

Days and dates remain open for you and I

To live out this life together extraordinarily


I believe that nothing can stand up to the power of love

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