No Names

  We talked and we smiled. There were no romantic overtones, we just talked. We shared bits of our life, we didn’t exchange names, only what we hoped the day would bring. The soft scent of her perfume and the sincerity in her eyes stuck with me. I don’t know what if any impression I […]

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#RomanticTuesday: Empty Spaces

“But nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it.”  ― Calla Quinn, All the Time Empty spaces breathe silently Spaces devoid of light That of yours I look around and listen for the sound of your voice I look around for the visage of your face Empty spaces breathe silently Spaces devoid of color […]

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Fighting Through

All those times you knocked me down All those times I got back up Bruises on my soul My heart wounded Still, I got back up I sense you are weary and tired of punching As for me, I’m just getting started You see, if I stay down I give you satisfaction If I lay […]

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The Calm

Whenever life seems overwhelming Just pause for a moment Immerse yourself in the calm Embrace yourself tight Spirit to heart to soul All will be alright Immerse yourself in the light Darkness dares not tread Only dreams are illuminated And yours They will be brighter than ever * photo credit:

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Rediscovering Eden Spiritual paradise lost A divine tide washing upon my shore Pieces of me drift out to the ocean Soul cleansing No forbidden fruit to tempt No repeating old history I observe the symbolism of the tree God is more than knowledge It is Him that I acknowledge And it is Him that establishes […]

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