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Friday Inspiration: Not Alone

Creator of the living

Above all things

Should I reach for the sky

I need not reach far

Because you are near

Always near

I am never alone

photo credit: Godswordimages

music: Tauren Wells “Hills and Valleys”


The Effort Is Always There


Even if I fall short

The effort is always there

Staring at the glare from the streetlight

Home is not to far away

Twelve hour days

A hand full of hours at night

Dreams under my pillow keep me company

Hang my hopes on the moon until the morning

Was I a better man today?

Heart under review

Only God truly knows

Even if I fall short

The effort is always there


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“Breathe,” a voice said

“No matter what, just breathe”

Deep, long, drawn out breaths

Until the grey started to have color

I began to have a new understanding of things as they were 

There was no great insight to be had

God said to trust Him and I did

Clarity came at a price though 

A small part of myself was taken away 

Maybe I didn’t notice at first, but eventually I did

My heart was golden, for how long?

Not sure, for now I will let things be as it may be 

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Set Free

Watching them rise 

Higher and higher 

Until they were barely in sight 

Some cried

Some just stood emotionless 

Some smiled and waved

The crowd began to break apart

Yet, some stayed and stared at the sky

It was a good release for most

Goodbyes aren’t easy 

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Mental Stream

There are thoughts we think

That will never see the light of day

Actions that will go unaware 

There are just some things that will remain inside 

The glory hounds bark loud 

But they are just surface dwellers 

Sometimes everything is not seen or heard

But the vibrations resonate deep

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4 Line Stories: Yellowish


And in a moment between awake and sleep

They found a space to meet

A peaceful place on the outskirts of a dream

With the most loveliest yellow tinted sky


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