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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


Friday Inspiration: Time To Shine

Eternal light

Shining within

And shining through

In the blink of an eye

Life can say “goodbye”

Now is the time

To shine bright

music: David Crowder Band “SMS (Shine)”

photo credit: pinterest


Scorching Heart


Rising like a revival

Scorching heart

Raging fire

Phoenix transformation

Red sky blazing

Bullshit melting like wax

Soul truth emerging from the ashes

The feint of heart still denying themselves

Step up to the table

Free food for thought

Feeding the mind fiery introspection

Burning notions

Disclosing once closed theories

The phoenix within

Now free


photo courtesy of pixabay




Maybe when tomorrow comes

It will all be gone

Buried under an unmarked tombstone

The decay of the unnecessary

Resuscitation of what is real

The ghosts linger still

They don’t know where to go

So we sign peace treaties

As we tuck our hearts back inside

To feel once again…what was slipping away


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Thoughtful Thursday: Anchor

“Do you have an anchor? I have found that a solid anchor is indispensable to one who intends to live life fully. To have an anchor is to be centered and well grounded. It is to have a vital spiritual base.”
Steve Goodier, Joy Along the Way: Sixty-Second Readings That Make the Trip Worthwhile

photo credit: Flowing Faith 



For a moment

I let my guard down

You struck quick and ferociously

My soul wounded

My thoughts woozy

But you should know

I do not fall easily

I concede this tiny victory to you

Tomorrow is a new day

God willing


photo credit: Wallpaper Better



Utterances From Home


Had been adrift for so long

The compass in my mind could not find home

Heart with thirst and waiting to be filled

Lost reflections hording the sun

I am one

Adrift in a forgotten sea

Delirious and clinging to a light in the sky

Utterances from home whisper to me


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