Immersed in the goodness of it all my spirit flows with the current towards the ever present hope manifested as a sun and burning with great ferocity in my heart * photo credit: pexels. com Advertisements

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Another day Time to realign Spiritually, not just my spine Generating enough brain power To shed light on some thoughts Creating in this already created day Putting my feet in steps pre-outlined Watching the wallpaper of each moment being plastered up As the day decides its own pace to travel * photo credit: pexels.com

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Love Isn’t A Stranger

Feeling the vibration Awakening the senses Hope speaks in the heart of another A petition on behalf of some other Love isn’t a stranger It senses the validity of unspoken words Carried by the spirit to a compassionate God Who is all loving and all heart * photo credit: pexels.com

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Soul Glow

Sometimes You need to eat Some sunshine And a few rainbows Turn a deaf ear To the negative And get your soul glow grooving flow on * gif credit: Pinterest

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You hope for the best Whatever defines the best in your terms Stay strong Whatever keeps the spiritual gears turning Weathered One more go round Savor the journey Still, the fire burns      

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