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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.



At day’s end

Reality settles in

Disillusionment and illusions cast away 

Internal reorganization in process 

Serene transition 

Adherence to a soul beloved 

At the gateway , I begin once again 

There is no unknown 

Everything of worth is stored in the heart 

A lesson well learned 

At day’s end

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Sun Series: Tender 

Tender heart, tender touch 

Gentle wave upon my shore 

Your tender spirit so adored

Point of peace, beacon of calm

I feel your welcoming warmth surround me

You are unfettered in your ways

All the more reason to be appreciated 

Down to earth, limitless sky

I am moved by the touch of your tenderness 

A myriad of souls I will have known 

Yet you will leave an unmistakable impression 

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Our Given Route

We start out one way

Then life puts us on another road

For what purpose, not known

We find a way to carry on

Putting mileage on our souls

Paying no tolls

Only having hope

When the purpose is revealed

We do our best to steer correctly

We might encounter a turn or two

The lanes of life may get clogged

But we know the traffic will clear

And we will always be guided along our route




Friday Inspiration: We Are Fiercely Loved

Your love burns within

I am fiercely loved

During the light of day

And darkest of nights

Your love knows not empty spaces

You love me in all the fullness of your love

I am fiercely loved

photo credit: Sermon Quotes

music: Jesus Culture ft. Chris Quilala “Fierce”


Sometimes, You Get Lost Along The Way


Trying to find my way

Sometimes, you get lost along the way


From the first light of day, crafting experiences

No word count when you don’t know what to say

There are times you stumble

There are times you fall

Even if you stagger to your feet

You know you have to carry on


Sometimes, you get lost along the way

Trying to find my way


Internal retreat

Closing the shudders

In the silence, I just think

But thoughts choose to avoid me

Internal, I fall deeper

Light a candle to light up the void


Trying to find my way

Sometimes, you get lost along the way


What can you do?

Say hush to those voices that try to fool you

Picking up my feet again

The lights are dimming on another day


Trying to find my way


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