The Calm

Whenever life seems overwhelming Just pause for a moment Immerse yourself in the calm Embrace yourself tight Spirit to heart to soul All will be alright Immerse yourself in the light Darkness dares not tread Only dreams are illuminated And yours They will be brighter than ever * photo credit: Advertisements

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Rediscovering Eden Spiritual paradise lost A divine tide washing upon my shore Pieces of me drift out to the ocean Soul cleansing No forbidden fruit to tempt No repeating old history I observe the symbolism of the tree God is more than knowledge It is Him that I acknowledge And it is Him that establishes […]

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Sun And Soul

When morning comes She goes out to greet the sun Absorbing the warmth Infused with energy The glow of her aura is vibrant Such a beautiful relationship Between sun and soul For her, my admiration grows And I remain the poet Recording her life’s story * photo credit:

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Today I am expressionless. I am a quote yet to be recited. Today I am faceless, just another of many in a crowd unaccounted for. No, I am not sad, just an asterisk today. Sometimes its business as usual and sometimes you have to just let the usual have its turn. • photo credit:

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In Alignment

Whichever direction the river of life flows, we let our hearts go. Sometimes the current pulls us where we do not want to go and there is the great struggle. Yet if we keep our hearts strong and do our best to hold on, we will find ourselves back in rhythm with our life’s flow. […]

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At day’s end Reality settles in Disillusionment and illusions cast away  Internal reorganization in process  Serene transition  Adherence to a soul beloved  At the gateway , I begin once again  There is no unknown  Everything of worth is stored in the heart  A lesson well learned  At day’s end • photo credit: Flickr

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