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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.



For a moment

I let my guard down

You struck quick and ferociously

My soul wounded

My thoughts woozy

But you should know

I do not fall easily

I concede this tiny victory to you

Tomorrow is a new day

God willing


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Utterances From Home


Had been adrift for so long

The compass in my mind could not find home

Heart with thirst and waiting to be filled

Lost reflections hording the sun

I am one

Adrift in a forgotten sea

Delirious and clinging to a light in the sky

Utterances from home whisper to me


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Monday Motivation: Potential 

The indicator reads zero. 

We are all blessed with the potential to do some great and amazing things. We all have our own unique talents and skill set that when explored and tapped into, can lead to some awesome experiences in our life.

In life, we may or may not realize our full potential and capabilities, but who’s to say what full potential is? We are all different within and just because we are not all achieving on the same level doesn’t mean we are not using our full potential. 

Our effort is our potential. How hard we work at something is using our potential. The end result is based on our effort. So, we need not measure our achievements, successes and life up against someone else’s. We only need to give our very best effort at living our life and what we are trying and hoping to accomplish. 

The indicator will always remain at zero, if we do not at least try.

Stay inspired!


Friday Inspiration: With God Near

Chains that bind

To hurt and addiction 

Chains that bind

To inner affliction 

Chains that bind 

To troubles and fear

Can all be broken

With God near 

music credit: Zach Williams “Chain Breaker”

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Remembrance of Flight

Once, we all could fly

But the more time spent walking the earth

Some forgot how

Some forgot what it was like

They succumbed to the normality of walking

The sky became a stranger 

Some dared to resist 

And continue to brush against the clouds

Their wings touching the highest peaks

As for myself, I will never forget 

Once you fall in love with the waning moments of a setting sun

You never ever let the sky become a stranger


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