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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


Warriors and Men

Rising again

Facing the task before me

Stitched up wounds

What must be will be

The wise men spin tales of heroism

The jesters lighten the mood

I study the movement of the wind

Pondering my next move


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4 Line Stories: The Spirit Detective 

Light crept its way through the cracked door

Approaching tentatively, he kissed his silver crucifix 

He was trained to be prepared for all things

But the shadow rising behind him was preparing something otherworldly 


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Fortified (Soldier of Love)

Even if the walls should crumble

I will still defend

The fortress is not made of ice or stone

Or is it made of fear

The fortress is my heart

Love is a resident there

No waving the white flag

The battle is the Lord’s

And I am a soldier of love

Marching onward

~ photo credit:  Antarctica, Ice Fortress by Martyn Lucas


Progression Into The Everlasting

Hi God

The stars still captivate me

I look up, still mesmerized by them

So many, like faces in a crowd

You know them all

Each twinkle and every sparkle

My eyes are gleaming

The fullness of you fills my heart

My sorrows departed long ago

I’m still learning to let go

A steady progression

Your lessons are beautiful

I’m in need of your strength

Can’t do this alone

But to see the devil procrastinating

Is a beautiful thing

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The War Within


The battle rages on
Spirit against flesh
Faith against fear
Hope against disillusionment
Love against hate
Day to day
Warriors within make a stand
One trying to conquer the other
Be brave in heart
For your soul they compete
The forces of light
Know not defeat

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The Fortress (Heart of God)

when darkness and despair

rise up and declare war

on the spirit and heart

lift your heart and cares up

to the protector of souls

seek refuge in his stronghold

walls of compassion

fortified with mercy and grace

the foundation based in unconditional love

no circumstance is too great

no problem considered minor

darkness and despair

can declare war

but the heart of our God

is a fortress, impenetrable

in him, we have the ultimate victory

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Stay Your Ground

With a shield of faith I take a stand

As the army of fallen angels approach

The flaming arrows of their bows ready to take flight

Myself, I am armed with a two-edged sword

And the Holy Spirit shall guide me in battle

To El Shaddai I give glory

And for the glorious kingdom I will stand my ground

Temptations will come to distract me

Fear shall attempt to rob me of courage

It is not my own will and strength that I rely upon

But the everlasting love of my Lord, my Savior, Christ the King

His love will be the passion within my spirit to carry onward

The ground around me may shake and crumble

The skies above will become black to darken my path

Father I pray to you that I not falter

I pray to you that I never give in

And to you Father God I will raise my shield in victory

I will always be one with you