Dream Sequence


Dream sequence in full swing

On a deserted island with all that I need

Glasses clink together

As we take in the ocean scenery

No stones collected to spell S.O.S.

Although we are lost

We know this is only a dream

So we do not disturb our sleeping beings

This island is our paradise found

The ocean’s breeze caresses the skin

The elements here are never at a standstill

Dream sequence always in motion

Moving in accordance with our motion

Shifting and shaping the landscape

Not to forceful as to wake our sleeping beings

All will fade should reality come into play

Perhaps the dream is conscious of the dreamer

We have staked a claim on this island

And we will meet in the next dream sequence

photo courtesy of pixabay

I Am A Dream

Legs, Man, Shoes, Sand, Beach, Water, Rain, Wet, Autumn

I face the direction I believe the vibrations hit me best

I am a dream

In the day, I am a frequency channeled into her thoughts

During the night, I am flashes of images running through her mind

I am a dream

I am silence surveying the sea

The unknown footprints in the sand

At the border of the subconscious I sit

Feeling you pulling me into consciousness

Into your reality

I am a dream


photo courtesy of pixabay.com


Walking from a train wreck

A bit disoriented

Head a little clouded

Vision kind of hazy

The people just staring

Like I’m some sort of alien

I’m searching for some answers

Can’t recall my question

People all around me

Just standing there silently

My thoughts are getting foggy

Reaching for the living

Is it all in my mind

Am I losing my shine

Train wreck in the distance

Falling to my knees now

People all around me

Just standing there, silently

*music credit: Soundgarden “Outshined”

*photo credit: zoomspring.com