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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.



For a moment

I let my guard down

You struck quick and ferociously

My soul wounded

My thoughts woozy

But you should know

I do not fall easily

I concede this tiny victory to you

Tomorrow is a new day

God willing


photo credit: Wallpaper Better



God Is A Strong Tower

The past may haunt

The devil will taunt

The struggles may seem like

they will never end

God watches all

Call on Him

He will see you through

The troubles might look tall

God towers over them

And in the end

You will stand even taller

Victory is yours

If you believe

~ photo credit:

From the martial arts film “Once Upon A Time In Shanghai”


A Little Fine Tuning

1 Peter 5:10 New International Version (NIV) ~ And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

Stretched until you feel like you’re wearing thin

Don’t lose hope and don’t you give in

The tests and trials will come

Depleting you spiritually until you feel bummed

If things should ever look bleak

And your soul light is feeling weak

Understand, that God is working inside you

Tweaking a bit, to refine and strengthen you

Tuning you into the right note

To be a part of His message of hope

A divine song He wants the world to hear

Roaring from the heavens loud and clear

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The Spirit of A Lion

Bliss is the welcome I see in your eyes

Haven’t felt that “welcome home” for a long time

Battle weary, I battle on

World weary, I live on

Catching a moment here and there to appreciate the sun

My days are not as long as they use to be

I live, I give, and I love

The light of The Holy One is my guide

Battle weary, I battle on

World weary, I live on

My heart still beats passionately

Bliss is your presence

There is, I believe

A bit more life left for this lion


photo credit:

An old lion catching some sun.


After The Rain Has Passed


The rainy days will come and go

Once the rain passes

Will love remain?

Hanging steadfast on the promises we made

Can this love withstand the pouring rain?

Scattered showers mean troubles here and there

Hopefully our foundation is solid

Or the water will seep through the cracks

The storms will move across our sky

Thunder and lightning will echo

The rain will seem relentless for a time

But the storm will pass, like all things must

The thunder and lightning will calm

The rain will take the form of a mist

And quietly move on

In the aftermath, one question remains

When our hopes are soaked like the green leaves

And the surface of our togetherness is damp with doubt

As the clouds slowly separate and the sun begins to reappear

Will love remain?

Photo courtesy of: Aquileana

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Dance of Jubilation

During the darkest hours

of my darkest days

I trudge on


I see the light of the lamb

in that city on the hill

I trudge on


I, a son of man redeemed

by innocent blood

I trudge on


The nearer I get to the city

the lamb’s light, brighter

My steps


Reaching my destination

welcomed in

No more steps to take

now the dancing begins