#MondayThoughts: Trial By Fire

There are times when you are thrown into a situation and you learn as you go.

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I can’t unfold tomorrow

Because I have to focus on today

In the middle of a pressure situation

I maintain my center of grace

Doing what I can with what I have

Little help at hand so my hands carry double

Thrown in unexpected situations

We must get in the trenches and fight through

No resentment, no anger, no bitterness

Just pump the heart with faith, hope and love

And do what needs to be done

Essence of A Spiritual Warrior




Sometimes we must jump into the belly of the beast

Face down what we fear

Be confident and courageous

With sword in hand

Without any doubt

Believing we will come out victorious

God is a deliverer for those who trust in him

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From Wuxia film “Ashes of Time”

Sand Clock

Hands of grace

Find me

Pull me from this quicksand

I’m not sinking, just treading

Praying, relying on steadfast faith

Dual realities in motion

What is and what I believe

I believe you when you tell me

“You are more than a conqueror”

Emphatically, I believe

Despite the reality the world lays out before me

You are the Alpha and the Omega

The world is quicksand in a sand clock

I am not afraid

You’ve already promised something so much better

I lift my hands to meet yours

Your grace is sufficient

photo credit: galleryhip.com

His Love Stretches Long Enough And Is Strong Enough


When you’re feeling down

Reach up

In thought and with the voice from your heart

Reach up

God will reach down

His love stretches long enough and is strong enough

To pull you up from the ground

To your knees and then to your feet

When your spirit is turning with anxiety

When your mind is blindfolded and you can’t think clear

Reach up and God will reach down

He will meet you halfway or reach all the way down to pull you up

He won’t let you drown, no matter how deep the circumstances seem

Wrapped His love around you and reach up

In thought and the voice from your heart

He will reach down, pull you up

And lead you to safety


photo credit: www.ou.org