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#RomanticTuesday: Once Divided

“Remember what it was like before sunsets contained such magic?”

Days would come and go

The cadence of the daily routine sounded loudly

Just going about the day’s business





Days would come and go


We recall what is was like

Before words gained such added depth and meaning

Before the dawn brought with it such great hope and promise

The days seem to have expanded

Minutes and moments have become priceless

Facing the world alone is an aberration

We recall what is was like to be without the other

It Strengthens the core of being together

Two beings together

Never to part

Love solidified

Loving forever





#RomanticTuesday: Grateful

“What happens when people open their hearts?”
“They get better.” 
― Haruki MurakamiNorwegian Wood


We had to open ourselves to the possibility

Love cannot enter a closed heart

So we opened our hearts, cautiously

I am so very thankful we did so

What unfolded from this act of trust

Is nothing short of a miracle

Neither of us are who we were before

We are completely ourselves in the presence of the other

Given the space to let go and grow

And love continues to spread in its growth

With every day, we are that much more grateful


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#RomanticTuesday: Sunsets Are The Least I Can Give


I sat out back

Holding the sun in place

Waiting for you to come home

So we could enjoy the sun setting



I pinched myself

Yes, this is a living dream

Who am I?

Fortunate man

Fortunate one

When you found me, broken in some ways

You did not judge or turn in fear

You only accepted me

Sometimes flaws can be discriminating

Sometimes, they are beautiful

Thank you for accepting me

This broken man in a shell

With your love I have discovered pieces long lost

My soul exposes its nakedness, somehow, unafraid

Your gentle caring ways lift me

So with each opportunity I get

I hold the sun in place

Until you are home

Sunsets are the least I can give

For all you have done for me


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Friday Inspiration: Lord of All Creation

How wonderful

Are the wonders of God

Beyond imagination

Beyond definition

And reality

Our God is wonderful

music: Third Day “God of Wonders”

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Romantic Tuesday: Symbolic


We accepted this gift of love

And locked it in

Our gift from God

You and I

Through every calm and storm

God making a way

In each and every day we are One

Honoring one another through Our love

Thankful to give and receive

Each blessed to have the other


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