#RomanticTuesday: What You Give

I cannot measure it with a handful of words All I can say is that it is beyond anything I’ve ever known I treasure it with great regard My heart is overwhelmed sometimes Wondering how my life could be so charmed Through your words I am inspired And your endless support lifts me higher With […]

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Always. Always, I’ll remember the look in your eyes. Bright life and a guiding light telling me all is good. So I thank you. As big as my heart can expand, I thank you. I do not know darkness but I know what it is to feel blue. I will never forget where I came […]

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The Light of Thankfulness

Treasures come and go. Some are lost and never found. Some are buried and forgotten. Blessings to the heart that has and the heart that receives. Blessings to the heart that is cherished and the soul that is nourished. If it is but for one moment of one day, let it be as a thousand […]

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All I Can Say Is…

All I can be is thankful. All I can say is thank you. Reemerging, I never forgot about what is. In the blink of an eye a tear can fall. In the blink of an eye life has breath and then it has none. Time is just too damn short. All I can be is […]

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