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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


Friday Inspiration: Lord of All Creation

How wonderful

Are the wonders of God

Beyond imagination

Beyond definition

And reality

Our God is wonderful

music: Third Day “God of Wonders”

photo credit: A Little Perspective



Romantic Tuesday: Symbolic


We accepted this gift of love

And locked it in

Our gift from God

You and I

Through every calm and storm

God making a way

In each and every day we are One

Honoring one another through Our love

Thankful to give and receive

Each blessed to have the other


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Romantic Tuesday: Magnitude


How big is the world compared to love?

My world continues to expand each day with you

We revolve around the sun in the constant presence of light

The days seem to not contain enough time and space

So much to say and express

Our only quest is togetherness

To love as openly and fully as we can

Our hands holding the ends of a ribbon as we tie a bow around

what we have found

There is nothing more priceless or precious

We wave to the moon each night

Hoping this “good night” will be the last apart

I wait for the morning in which we awake and I see the sun

rising in your eyes

It is then perhaps, I will fully understand the magnitude of our love


photo courtesy of pixabay



Romantic Tuesday: The Most Intimate Feeling


I believe

The most intimate feeling

Is in that of being together

Sharing the same space

Sharing the same air



Treasuring the same view

Same perspective..beautiful

More than words…we love

Beyond expression…we love

In the truest sense of appreciation…we love

Giving one another the whole of our being

I believe

The most intimate feeling

photo courtesy of pixabay


Whispering Mist

Going back to a time we once knew

Serenity still lingers in the atmosphere 

A mist whispering memories hovers 

Triggering an auto play of images 

The wise ones say when you drink too much of what you had

The taste is bittersweet 

Better to have had than to not have had at all

So I drink down these memories 

Stirring up the inspiration to undertake this endeavor 

To decorate life as beautiful as it can be

And leave more memories for the mist to whisper 

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Let This Last

To have the moment last

What we hope for deep inside

Meaningful beyond description 

What we experience deep inside 

Life revolving around an ocean of thoughts 

Thoughtful hearts

Giving thanks for the dance of a lifetime 

Hoping it is for a lifetime 


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