11/21/2020 – I Get It

Photo by Sergei Shmigelskii from Pexels


You have to laugh

At the ridiculousness of it all

Dormant waiting to bud

Roots nutured and flooded

All good will grow and glow

For now all is underscored

But the sunlight will always highlight all that is beautiful

That’s what keeps me going

And that right there….

Is wonderful

#MondayThoughts: (Side note)

Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

When it feels like the world is dragging you down

And there appears to be no signs of life pulsating

When you feel like there’s no real reason to go on

Throw all that shit out the window

Just say “fuck it!”

And keep moving on

Believe that no matter how the road twists or turns, it gets better along the way and for every bump in the road, there is a double blessing ahead. Everything will be alright.

Inside Syl’s Mind: Energy Boost

So I decided to have an energy drink just for a little boost…..

Gif credit: Pinterest

I was moving and grooving at work until….

4 hours later…

Gif credit: giphy

Talk about non sustainable energy 😂

FYI: I did manage to make it through to the end of my shift…

Gif credit: PNG & gif base

Home finally 😴😴😴

#RomanticTuesday: As The Rain Falls

Photo by Nastasya Day from Pexels

Rainy afternoon dreams

The most wonderful thoughts of you and I

The rain brings tranquility

Like love pouring from the sky

You and I

Such a lovely combination

Hands always clasped heading towards our destination

The foundation has been layed

For what we desire

Love is the hot air balloon

That takes us higher

High above the widest ocean

High above the lonesome highways and streets

High above the whitest mountain caps

The view is nothing short of heavenly

Love is the frame

That preserves more than memories

Love is the frame that surrounds our life

What was, what is

And what will be

Some rainy days stir up the most beautiful things

#RomanticTuesday: For All Of Life

Wherever you are

Right in this very moment

Know that you are loved

Photo by Jonas Von Werne from Pexels

There are moments when my sighs

Can fill the entire sky

Those thoughts of you that make waves in my soul

Damn, how fortunate I am, I often think to myself

Love has been kind to come to me in the form of you

Total fulfillment of a dream come true

As sure as the sun sits beautifully in the sky

You are the love of my life

Rising and shining in my heart everyday

And someday face to face will grace us permanently

By your side for all of life