Dial It Up

Exhausted Picked up the phone Trying to dial up some energy The line was busy Oh well Guess I’ll just go to sleep * photo credit: pexels.com Advertisements

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#RomanticTuesday: Consumed

I wonder if We would have met In some other world Or some other time Inquisitive mind… Here we are Here and now Consuming time Keeping the world at bay While love consumes us I wonder if You wore blue shoes on purpose Knowing the sea would be just as mesmerized by you As I […]

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Understatedly Beautiful

Smokey blue sky What’s your mood? Are you brooding? Or just doing what you do? I’ll go with latter Matter of fact Existing being you Understatedly beautiful Sometimes panoramic grand Sometimes unnoticed Too many heads down observing the ground Where I keep my feet I keep my head up (I try my best to) Absorbing […]

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The Port

We rejoiced with those who had the courage to set sail and break free from the frail foundations they had inhabited for so long. While there were tears, they were of the utmost joy, knowing that none would be forgotten, even those who chose to remain. For them, there were plenty of symbolic white flags. […]

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Dying Breed

You do what needs to be done You make it through as best as you can No fussing or complaining Self sacrifice, no spotlight And hope that all turns out well in the end When it is done You move on, no fanfare You move on, quietly * gif credit: From the 1956 motion picture […]

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