#RomanticTuesday: Cascading Thoughts

“You are an authentic work of art, captivating, inspiring and beautiful in every aspect.”

Photo by Thu Ngo from Pexels

Many times I have found myself in deep thought

The reflection of your face in my pool of thoughts

That thought alone triggers a rippling effect

And what is in my mind casacades down into my heart

Where you already are, causing my heart to expand just a bit more

More space to store more thoughts of you

More heartland for you to explore, to know and understand me

At times I am overwhelmed

When you find someone or that someone finds you and together you find something so beautiful

You cannot help but be overwhelmed

Which is why I find myself in deep thought many times

Thankful to have been found by you

Thankful to have found something so beautiful together

Thoughts cascading down from my mind to my heart

Where you are and will always be

#RomanticTuesday: Anywhere

Anywhere with you is home.”

Gif credit: Giphy

Home is in the heart

Time and time again

Your heart has defined this

Wherever your heart may be

I see the light shining

The light that reminds me where my home is

Wherever you are


I want to experience this new world with you

Wherever love leads us

It will all be beautiful

Absorbing the sights and sounds

Breaking new ground

Gratitude for every treasure found

Aisle or window seat

I want to experience this beautiful and round world of love

With you

#RomanticTuesday: River to Ocean

“We are love, we are light, we are life, we are one.”

Photo by sifat E from Pexels

Love flows through us

As quiet as a creek on Sunday morning

And as passionate as a river greeting the ocean

Our love is always a force in motion

We stand on the shore and observe the waves

We are reminded of how love captivates

Each day in our hearts we cultivate it

Through love we produce the sweetest fruits

Love flows through us

We are creek, river and ocean

We are one

Our love is huge

And our love echoes throughout the universe

#RomanticTuesday: Souls Aligned

Photo by Thái Huỳnh from Pexels

Once our souls connected, we became an everlasting conduit in which love could flow.”

Aligned by love

Aligned to love

When separated, love brings us closer

Eyes on distant starlight

One hand on the heart the other towards heaven

We feel one another

Eyes on distant sunlight

Thoughts warming the soul

Our souls aligned and flowing with love

Love has taken permanent residence within us

Never to leave or abandon

Only to embrace us stronger

#RomanticTuesday: Garden Of Thoughts

“Our love is like a safe deposit box in which our hearts are secure, safe and sound.”

photo credit: Pixabay

Memories are seeds

We have planted them with love

Beautiful garden


Love is in motion

We soar as its passengers

Touching wings, we fly


You are a blessing

This I will always treasure

My love is for you

#RomanticTuesday: Merging Hearts

“I love capturing the sunset through your eyes.”

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

When two hearts merge, a shared purpose is born

There is a joy in being showered with love

An appreciation for your state of being

We share the joy, we share the pain

This empowers our love and love will always remain

So many sunsets from different points of view await

So many sunrises to hold you closer are in store

A lifetime of butterfly filled stomach moments to fulfill

An as we fill the calendar with activities and dreams

Our merged hearts will only grow deeper in appreciation

As togetherness will reflect our state of being

#RomanticTuesday: At Every Turn

“No matter how long the road is, I’ll be with you all the way.”

photo credit: Nivan Shresta at pexels.com

Thank you for opening your hand

And allowing me to put my hand in yours

Thank you for sharing your life with me

And allowing me to share this road with you

I know there have been a lot of curves to turn

And I’m sure there are more ahead

Wherever the road may lead us

I will always be by your side at every turn

Holding your hand tight and never letting go

#RomanticTuesday: Shades of Red

“I believe we’d make every day special.”

gif credit: Anime Animo

Love has no ordinary days

It expresses itself in very special ways

Far beyond the material exchanges

It stirs the heart and rearranges

I remember when and how we first met. The magic of fairy tales was in the atmosphere. As clear as a morning bird’s song, I knew there was something special about you. You felt so familiar to me as if I had lived a thousand lives and knew you in each one. With each interaction I soaked in the divine wonder of it all. Little did we know that love was the source of it all and remains at the core to this present day.

Looking fowardr to our everyday

And how we will decorate it in our way

Love will always have its place

Because it will always occupy every space

Painting the walls of our hearts and home

In one another’s hearts we will always be home

#RomanticTuesday: Love Flows Deeper

“Love doesn’t simply go around mountains, it moves them.”

photo credit: Bri Schneiter at pexels.com

Love will always make a way

No matter what chooses to stand in our way

Our love is like a mountain

And we have yet to reach its peak

Our love will not crumble under any weight

Our love will not be defeated


For, You, my heartbeat

Love flows deeper than ever

Together as One

#RomanticTuesday: The Wind and The River

When a man finds the woman he really loves, the one he respects and wants to call wife, there is nothing on earth he won’t do for her. No mountain he won’t hike. No river he won’t wade. No door he won’t open. She is Eve and there’s not a snake crawling that can keep them apart. – Yolanda Joe

Photo by Natasha Fernandez from Pexels

The wind and the river flow

In the direction of the path they choose to go

Soft breeze and gentle stream

The caress of your hand and spirit of your love

Like rare air and a peaceful earth

We are nature

We are the elements beautifully interacting with one another

My love is your love and your’s is mine

Our love is this lifetime, our time

We are the wind and the river flowing

In the direction of the path we choose to go