#RomanticTuesday: Beyond The Words (Love Is Alive)


Photo by Hiếu Hoàng from Pexels

Beyond the sparkle of pretty words

Love is rooted deeply

When times are high and we seem to fly higher

Love will express itself so colorfully

When the days are quiet and the sparkle is less intense

Love is still alive, quietly composing

Its foundation even sturdier

How do I love

With all that I am

No matter which way the wind blows

This love is for you

Everlasting and true

For the rest of this lifetime

And beyond

#RomanticTuesday: As One

“Our love is whole and we are wholefully One.”

Gif credit: Acegif.com

There are many setting suns to see


Together as One

We will embrace the sum of all that is

And create the most beautiful life to live


Together as One

Living, discovering, growing and loving

There are many rising suns to see


Together as One

#RomanticTuesday: Unwavering

“I love you and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Photo credit: Pexels

Picture perfect photo stills

Hang in my heart like a gallery

Your laughter, your smile, your tears

Your ups and your downs

I embrace and treasure them all

Photo by manu mangalassery from Pexels

For you, my love

My love doesn’t waver

No second guessing or odd behavior

Appreciating you more with each passing day

Very thankful for the moment you came my way

Not planning on letting you slip away

Loving you totally beyond my dying day

To you, my love

I will always be true

This true love doesn’t exist without you

#RomanticTuesday: The Brighter Side

“Our love does not diminish over time, it simply flourishes.”

Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels

You are the brighter side

Constant presence of light in my life

Loved above the hands of time

Loved beyond the sign of the times

Forever yours, my soul whispers

For you my dear, love will never disappear

King and Queen of the Hill

Photo by Peter de Vink from Pexels

Head over heels

Goosebumps and chills

Vanilla shake thrills

Observing the feelings spill

King and Queen of the hill

Our lips are sealed

Hearts make an appeal

Soul merger seals the deal

Nothing can diminish the zeal

King and Queen keeping it real

#RomanticTuesday: Beautiful Overflow

“Loving you isn’t seasonal, it is eternal.”

Photo by Ba Phi from Pexels

The miles in between seem to stretch at times

But they cannot outstretch our love

Love plants itself deeper and reaches further

Especially when our hearts begin to yearn

To reach out and touch you

To take hold and pull you near

To embrace you with the gentlest bear hug

Imagining this all very clear

Thoughts of you cascading down

From mind to heart and filling my soul

I am so very thankful for the love you give

And its beautiful overflow

#RomanticTuesday: Once Upon A Lifetime

Once upon a lifetime, love chooses you.”

Photo by Văn Thắng from Pexels

Blue skies more than grey

More than a handful of sunny days

Words spoken that touch the heart

An instantaneous bond from the very start

Together forging something beautiful

Sculpting this clay of life into something new

Thank you for your open heart that you share with me and for allowing me to have the gift of loving you in this lifetime.

Love will always bring us closer

When the world tries to tear us apart

Love fills in the great divide

The way it solidifes our one heart

#RomanticTuesday: More Than Meaningful

“Your heart is my home and your love is my universe.”

Photo by Philippe Donn from Pexels

I will always be captivated by you

The sunlight in your eyes never sets

Only shines anew

Will you take my hand and hold it tight

Lets fall into an ocean of stars

Completely submerged in the warmth of light

I will take your hand and follow you where your heart desires

I am deeply inspired by your hopes and dreams

Perhaps we are this divine dream team

Sacred is the love we are living

Unconditionally given

And like a sun setting behind a mountain’s peak

All of who you are

An all that you do

Will always be more than meaningful to me