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#RomanticTuesday – The Smallest Things

“In the middle of talking about our dreams, we discovered we were living one.”

In the smallest conversations

We are profoundly moved

Ideals and thoughts that captivate the soul

With the smallest gestures

Our world seems to grow

An ever expanding life of wonderment

Amazing how another’s heart merged with your own

Can open you to a life you’ve never known

Fishing in this universal pond

We’ve managed to reel in the greatest catch, love

Or perhaps, love reeled us into this special experience

Where even the smallest things have such a monumental meaning

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The Sevens: A Little More

Dream a little more

Hearts adorned with much affection

Dream a little more

As we travel this road together

Hands never unclasped

Love a little more

Our desire forever


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#RomanticTuesday: Expository Hearts

“What do I have to offer you but my life, this is all I know of love.”

Maybe the world will never understand

It is not for us to explain to the world

Love is self explanatory

Our hearts, expository

I believe the universe understands

Allowing itself to be a well of endless depth to our love

Our descent has been deep and there is no return

For what is life without love?

And what is love without life?

In you I find the answer to both


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#RomanticTuesday: Crafted With The Heart

With great anticipation 

And dedicated patience

You look forward to 

Plentiful days filled with 

Beautiful happenings


Beautiful happenings

Crafted with the heart

Drawn from a well of inspiration 

Never formulatic 

Infused with heart and soul 


Heart and soul

Vibrant and passionate 

For all of our days

The anticipation may be great

Patience is greater

Love is the foundation of it all

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#RomanticTuesday: A Million Miles

“The distance grew, but we grew in spite of it. Eventually, distance became irrelevant.”

Tell me it’s a million miles

and I will walk them

How far is far?

The heart doesn’t know

It just goes

It walks, it runs

It drives, it sails

It flies

Continental divides cannot divide love

Its fibers are sewn tight

The heart may stretch but isn’t torn

How far is far?

Thoughts are adept at traveling

Love is capable and more than willing

To take a heart wherever it needs to be

“A million miles you say”


The Incarnate Poem (revisited)

When life is breathed into written words, they manifest into something so much more than thoughts and ink… – Syl


36250f21678d84f384b9948eb875d6cb--chinese-wedding-tea-ceremony-white-chinese-wedding-dressYou manifest yourself from my words

The incarnate poem, I write each day

You are a descendant from the rib of the first man

Equal in stature

Never looked upon as second class

Your elegance raises the hairs upon my skin

Your essence skims along the surface of my soul

You bring forth bold words from a humble heart

Through the eyes of God

I see and understand your true beauty

Inner light that glimmers on my brown eyes

Word for word

You form the soul of the poetry

Released letter by letter

From within my heart


From within my heart

I offer what I can

I offer what I understand and comprehend

of love

Words relate part of this saga

Penned from my soul and pinned to yours

There they reside and live forever

A living poem connecting souls

Connecting minds 

Connecting hearts

Letter by letter

Breathing inside us


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#RomanticTuesday: Once Divided

“Remember what it was like before sunsets contained such magic?”

Days would come and go

The cadence of the daily routine sounded loudly

Just going about the day’s business





Days would come and go


We recall what is was like

Before words gained such added depth and meaning

Before the dawn brought with it such great hope and promise

The days seem to have expanded

Minutes and moments have become priceless

Facing the world alone is an aberration

We recall what is was like to be without the other

It Strengthens the core of being together

Two beings together

Never to part

Love solidified

Loving forever