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Romantic Tuesday: The Most Intimate Feeling


I believe

The most intimate feeling

Is in that of being together

Sharing the same space

Sharing the same air



Treasuring the same view

Same perspective..beautiful

More than words…we love

Beyond expression…we love

In the truest sense of appreciation…we love

Giving one another the whole of our being

I believe

The most intimate feeling

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#Loveuary ❤ – Day 13 – Togetherness 

My Sister Ritu has an open invitation prompt for the month of February with the theme being Love.


Two as One

Equal parts

Equal hearts 

One whole

Heart, mind and soul

It is in this togetherness, this beautiful summation of merging lives, that we no longer face challenges and fears alone. We no longer are ashamed of or have our vulnerabilities and frailties exploited. It is in this togetherness that we discover, rediscover and rediscover love, day after day  – Syl ❤

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You can read Ritu’s post here –❤-togetherness/


Romantic Tuesday: #Loveuary ❤ – You +Me = Us…Which = ❤


I guess we were meant to meet at this time

To bring back balance to our lives

We are equal weights on the scale of love

Priceless smiles worth more than the world

Arm in arm we have weathered the storms

And through it all we have formed the most beautiful shelter

Our love has no norm or no form

It is and will always be free flowing

A romanticist dream

We took everything that was good

Everything that was wrong and everything that was right

We put it all together and created something better than better

At any other time we would have been a two red lights

Stuck in the traffic of passing life

We met when the light of life was green

And from that moment we have never stop going forward, together

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Romantic Tuesday: There Will Come A Time


There will come a time

There will be a place

When we will own time

We will take our place together in life

Falling asleep will no longer leave one heart on an empty street

Instead, we will sleepwalk  on a dream street

I stare into your sad eyes while thankful for the face-time

You perceive the loneliness in mine

There will come a time

One day, we know

When we will own time

In our place of togetherness


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4 Line Stories: Comforting Strings 

I could listen to her and play for hours 

Something soothing in the sounds she created 

She pulled at my heart’s strings with every note from her guitar’s strings 

I could listen to her play, for life

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From Ashes


I heard your heart

and from ashes I returned

spurning that which has no power

over me

with you always

a mantra of heart and soul

the reason I returned

for you

empty vessels drift in the dead sea

we still have an appointment

with life


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