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#RomanticTuesday: Eternal Hearts


I believe

Each time we touch

The reverberations

Will be felt for eternities


No matter how the world pulls

To keep us apart

Our love only strengthens

We are eternal hearts

Time plays its role

Shortening the moments

Lengthening the silence

The sighs we exhale

Breathe newer life into our love

Giving up is an outdated concept

Giving in more, to what we believe

That the creator of stars and all beautiful things

Has gifted us with this love

Its light, at times, blinding

But we always see what it all means

Intimate soul speak

We are One

Eternal hearts


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#RomanticTuesday: Until The End of Days 

The end of days isn’t the end of time

The end of days is life without you

Devoted hearts devoted to truths we share

We love

With all our being has to give 

We love

Clocks surmise the time for man

God surmises the time of man

Each day I do not lessen my appreciation of you

Your glow never demishes 

We are thankful for days that give us life together 

We do not linger on life without the other 

Those thoughts tucked away safely 

Today is what we have 

A house of straw, a house of wood, a house of bricks

Home is You and I 

Home is Us

Until the end of days

We love

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#RomanticTuesday: Seasons Gone By


As the seasons go by

From the snowflakes to the drops of rain

From spring’s reawakening to blazing summer sun

My appreciation of you deepens


Seasons gone by

This well of love never dries up

Complacency kills the heart

So I love you stronger

Not allowing a day to go to waste

Or take for the granted the sound of your heart beating

Thoughts of a last embrace, a last kiss, a last touch

Fuel my desire to hold you longer and let your essence linger in my heart

Sometimes words get the best of me as my expressiveness unfolds

It’s alright, love should always stir the soul

I remember the last photo of you I looked at

And I remember what life was like before you

Seasons gone by

This well of love never dries up

Only deepening that much more


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Romantic Tuesday: Symbolic


We accepted this gift of love

And locked it in

Our gift from God

You and I

Through every calm and storm

God making a way

In each and every day we are One

Honoring one another through Our love

Thankful to give and receive

Each blessed to have the other


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