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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


Romantic Tuesday: Magnitude


How big is the world compared to love?

My world continues to expand each day with you

We revolve around the sun in the constant presence of light

The days seem to not contain enough time and space

So much to say and express

Our only quest is togetherness

To love as openly and fully as we can

Our hands holding the ends of a ribbon as we tie a bow around

what we have found

There is nothing more priceless or precious

We wave to the moon each night

Hoping this “good night” will be the last apart

I wait for the morning in which we awake and I see the sun

rising in your eyes

It is then perhaps, I will fully understand the magnitude of our love


photo courtesy of pixabay



Romantic Tuesday: One Daily Truth


I no longer exist

As a single entity

How can I look at you

And desire to discover the world

On my own?

An open heart I offer to you

Filled with only loving truths

Around the world

Let us sail

Growing in oneness

With every trail we walk together

At day one

I knew my existence as one

Was done

The only singular

Is the life we share

I dare not think of a world without you

So I pour my heart and soul into one daily truth

I love you


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Lovely Friction


Last night’s dream

becomes today’s stream of thought

bending the light to brighten the heights

of perception

the reception is beautiful

so very clear

drowning out the sorrows of days gone by

miss our pillow talk

miss how close you would walk beside me

lovely friction

not concerned about what the day wants to dictate

these stream of thoughts are all I can relate to right now

the lights are so bright in my mind right now

setting the stage for this night’s dream

front row seats and you next to me so close

lovely friction

photo courtesy of pixabay 



The Pieces Fit


Someday when all of this comes together

It is going to be something to see

And it’s going to make one heck of a story

It will take some time, but I don’t mind

The pieces fit

And when it is one solid picture

There’s no breaking it apart


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Romantic Tuesday: Painting The Atmosphere

Thoughts crossing my mind

The river bends

The lantern floats along its path

The riverbed’s soil is fresh

The scent of roses in the air

Time is a delicate bridge

As we stand in the middle of flowing thoughts

The hope that awakens with us

The hope we carry throughout the day

Nurturing the roots to keep the petals alive

Hearts and minds synchronized

A petition to God for our day to come

The days are colored with and carry a familiar tone

The hope to laugh and cry as we decorate our home

And paint the atmosphere with the thoughts of our next dream

The scent of roses in the air


photo courtesy of pixabay