Sun Series: Touch

With every touch

I love you more

I feel  your love touch me

As it seeps through your pores

Love touched you and I mentally

Furthering the reach of our minds

Creatively we express this liberation

Decorating our prose and rhyme

The physical touch so intimate

Like the sun and moon caressing the sky

You and I

Melding into one light

Love’s touch embraces us spiritually

We are whole within its essence

A connection so solidly strong

Never are we unaware of one another’s presence


With a touch

You became my earth

God centers our universe

Our hearts align like stars

With a touch

You found a fortress with my arms

A protector

My life before your own

With a touch

Life was redefined

The fortune of love, immeasurable

Blessed and humble

I am a fortunate man


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Thoughtful Thursday: Touch

“And I sometimes think that a moment of touching is the difference between complete utter despair and the ability to carry on.”
Eleanor Cameron, The Court of Stone Children


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Bird Watch Photograph by Pamela for Perfect Touch Photography and Co

Dreaming Of……

Take me to where daydreams

Manifest into real things

Not materialistic

But heartfelt things

Hands so soft when held

You just float away

Giving way to the moment

Living the dream

The day streams along

On into the night

Butterflies look just as amazing

Hands so soft

Tantalizing the senses

Daydreams turn to pillow dreams

Your wings spread

The sweetest thing

When you take off

And fly away

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The Sevens: Vibrations

Shared light

Transference of energies

In tune with our surroundings

Positive and negative

Conversation between the senses

Resonating beyond the distance

Vibrations felt, without a touch

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Beautiful Synergy

When I held your hand

For the first time

I knew you were the one

The moment our hands touched

This wonderful energy

Rushed through me

I had never felt anything

That beautiful before

And it felt good

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It Makes Perfect Sense

I sense you in the atmosphere

The winds have changed

I see you resting on the green grass

Spring morning dew

Your scent lingers long after our last embrace

Gently caressing my nostrils

Hearing your voice causes a tremor within

My ears are tingling

The essence of you tastes of beauty

As your name dances on my tongue

We surf a wave of emotions

Rising from one another’s touch

The senses are heightened

Whenever you are near

My heart is beating a little faster

I sense you in the atmosphere



A Caress of The Soul

Skin caresses skin

Words caress the soul

Very mindful of my touch

Very thoughtful about my words

The caress of my hand

Takes you to serenity

The caress of my words

Transports you to euphoria

I am rich in inner contentment

Your presence is a blissful breeze to my spirit

My wealth is not in material things

Which eventually become empty and hollow

My wealth is in unconditional love

For life, for you

For you are my life

Can a soul caress another soul?

I do believe so

When the touch is ever so gentle

And the words are genuinely pure

A soul can truly caress another soul