#MondayThoughts: Trial By Fire

There are times when you are thrown into a situation and you learn as you go.

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I can’t unfold tomorrow

Because I have to focus on today

In the middle of a pressure situation

I maintain my center of grace

Doing what I can with what I have

Little help at hand so my hands carry double

Thrown in unexpected situations

We must get in the trenches and fight through

No resentment, no anger, no bitterness

Just pump the heart with faith, hope and love

And do what needs to be done


For a moment

I let my guard down

You struck quick and ferociously

My soul wounded

My thoughts woozy

But you should know

I do not fall easily

I concede this tiny victory to you

Tomorrow is a new day

God willing


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The Valley

Dimming lights doesn’t mean a darkened fate

Eyes burning

Staring at the sky as long as I can

Remembering when the wire was live

Enough energy to charge a thousand nights

The elders said you have to go through dark long valleys at times

And you might experience a collage of broken memories

So I ride through, my hand clutching a card

Encouraging thoughts that strengthen the heart with every reading

Slowly, I close my eyes until everything fades

Until I’m at that place again

The raven still accompanying me


photo credit: lostknightkg.deviantart.com

Urban desolation by lostknightkg

A Little Fine Tuning

1 Peter 5:10 New International Version (NIV) ~ And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

Stretched until you feel like you’re wearing thin

Don’t lose hope and don’t you give in

The tests and trials will come

Depleting you spiritually until you feel bummed

If things should ever look bleak

And your soul light is feeling weak

Understand, that God is working inside you

Tweaking a bit, to refine and strengthen you

Tuning you into the right note

To be a part of His message of hope

A divine song He wants the world to hear

Roaring from the heavens loud and clear

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Essence of A Spiritual Warrior




Sometimes we must jump into the belly of the beast

Face down what we fear

Be confident and courageous

With sword in hand

Without any doubt

Believing we will come out victorious

God is a deliverer for those who trust in him

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From Wuxia film “Ashes of Time”

My Thoughts Precede Me

Head to the heavens

My thoughts precede me there

God being totally aware

My life in his hands

His grace sufficient

Remove this thorn from my flesh

A humble request

His grace sufficient, I profess

Falling into his arms, my refuge

He carries me

My prayers never cease

His unfailing love never-changing

I am secure in his peace

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Valley of Shadows

Valley of shadows

Drawing upon your fears

Howling darkness

Chills up and down the spine

Thorn in the flesh

Affects the breath

Grace is sufficient

I breathe it in


Valley of shadows

I press on

Fire of God in my belly

I’m never forsaken

Spirit of the living God

With me every step

The still waters are not to far away

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The Calm

The storm clouds are far off, but in sight

I use to be afraid

Questioning, or more like interrogating myself

Could I stand firm and survive?

Fear floods the senses, time and time again

I drowned but always found myself on the shore

Safe and sound

God’s grace abounds

The might of the Holy One unfazed

I surrendered to this great love, this great grace

My old mentality slowly dissipates

A new reality firmly in place

Strengthen in spirit, steady increase in faith

Awesome God of mercy leads me

The storm clouds are far off, but in sight

I stand firm

Knowing my God is the calm

Before, during, and after the storm

I am not afraid

photo credit: southernvisions.net

Storm clouds gather over Scott County, Virginia

Sand Clock

Hands of grace

Find me

Pull me from this quicksand

I’m not sinking, just treading

Praying, relying on steadfast faith

Dual realities in motion

What is and what I believe

I believe you when you tell me

“You are more than a conqueror”

Emphatically, I believe

Despite the reality the world lays out before me

You are the Alpha and the Omega

The world is quicksand in a sand clock

I am not afraid

You’ve already promised something so much better

I lift my hands to meet yours

Your grace is sufficient

photo credit: galleryhip.com

Cover Me


Cover me with love and grace

Whisk me away to your place of hope

A peaceful meadow of compassion

Let me bathe in the light of your Son

Transform my weary spirit and tattered heart


Cover me with love and grace

Replace my broken spirit

Calm the scattered thoughts in my mind

Let the only thing left behind of the old me

Be a white chalked outline of how I used to be


Cover me with love and grace

Revive and renew this soul

Let me face each day with the courage to trust

In You, my God

Let me face each test bravely in faith

Not pondering failure


Cover me with love and grace

Allow me to humbly trace your steps

As big as your footprints are , God

Sharing your grace and spreading your love

On any and everyone

Who’s feeling left out in the cold


Cover me Lord


photo credit: www.loveandgracemedia.com