#MondayThoughts: Waves

“Life is an ocean and waves are our paths.” 
― Diana Matoso


What we experience in life can steer us along a path of light or steer us down a dark road. When the waves come, we either can ride them or allow them to crash on us and drown out our hopes. Some of those waves are small ones, things that hamper us but we know we’re able to overcome them and ride them out. Some waves are a little bigger, they toss us about as we try to maintain a steady flow to our lives. Then there are those gigantic waves that look so insurmountable that we doubt that we can ever get through them. It is those gigantic waves that have the hugest impact on our thoughts, emotions and inner being.

We can have all the self confidence we want, but sometimes there are things that happen so suddenly that you are bewildered for awhile trying to figure out if it is something that you can get through, something that you can ride out until everything is steady again.  Years ago, I was woken up by the doorbell in the middle of the night. When I answered, it turned out to be a tow tuck driver there to repossess my car. I was completely caught off guard (and that is putting it mildly). Yes, I admit I had been behind in my car payments and had been playing catch up while keeping in contact the auto dealer. At least I can say that the driver was kind enough to allow me to get some things out of the car before they towed it away. I was totally embarrassed, confused as to what to do, in shock and whatever bad feeling there was to feel.

I spent a week or so without my car, while walking everywhere to get errands done. After a few phone calls I found out that my car had been sent out of state and would have been auctioned off.  I was able to get my car back eventually and it wasn’t easy, but I didn’t give up. No sooner had I gotten my car back when another wave of trouble showed up. Again, I was completely caught off guard. Although these were two huge waves of hardship, I was able to ride them out and not get thrown into the deep depths of despair. It was by no means a simple process and it took a lot of patience despite my inner man being pulled in so many directions emotionally.


We all have our waves that we must face. Sometimes, we see them coming, sometimes we are thrown for a loop, caught off guard. Life causes waves, people cause waves, we cause waves. Small, big or gigantic, we can only do our best to ride them out (if we choose to do so). Whatever tools are at your disposal, faith, positive mind set, prayer, meditation, etc.. Do what you need to do to ride that wave out until your waters are calm again. There is a way to get through what troubles you, just do not choose to let the waves drown out your hopes. You are capable!


photo credit:  Surf Travel , Daily Mail 


Times of trouble, struggles tapping you on the shoulder, “hey do you have time to spare.” Even when you say no, the struggles refuse to go away, holding you back and keeping you from being on your way.

A time of hardship

A temporary roadblock

Never giving up


photo credit: Christian Today

Monday Motivation: Weathering The Storm

Is it so wrong to want every day to be a good day? Is it so wrong to want everything to be peaceful and go as we want it to go? No, it is not wrong at all and we wouldn’t be human if we did not think like that. We know though, life is not all smooth sailing. We hit those rough patches and sometimes it is a quick hit and then there are the prolonged storms that don’t seem like they are going to let up.

Since I was little, in various forms these storms would show up. I am thankful to be here today.  The quick hitters came, leaving bumps and bruises (mentally) and then the heavy hitting storms rolled in and seemed to last forever. These storms took a lot out of me throughout the years (mentally, physically and spiritually), but I had to weather these storms until they passed, no matter how close I was to the edge of giving up. I always believed there was a better day waiting once the storm passed.

We all have our own ways of waiting out the storms. Whether it is praying, positive thinking, daily affirmations, meditation and countless other ways to make it through. As long as we do not allow ourselves to be washed away with the troubles. It is not always easy neither is it always hard, we only need to find a way, moment to moment, day by day, to deal with what hardships may come.

The storms I have survived have let internal scarring, but I am not bitter, jaded or with a torn psyche. Simply, I am me and I am thankful to be here. Stay inspired!


If it rains during sunshine, don’t worry, you’ll see your rainbow – Vikrmn, Guru with Guitar 

God Is A Strong Tower

The past may haunt

The devil will taunt

The struggles may seem like

they will never end

God watches all

Call on Him

He will see you through

The troubles might look tall

God towers over them

And in the end

You will stand even taller

Victory is yours

If you believe

~ photo credit: mubi.com

From the martial arts film “Once Upon A Time In Shanghai”

Temporary Renters

There is so much in life

No matter how troubling it may be

The good must outweigh the strife

Disappointment will lower your eyes to the ground

It is okay, we are human

Don’t keep your eyes down for too long

You will miss the blessing, your blessing

God is a permanent resident, once invited in

Troubles are temporary renters in your life

They will move out and move on

Trust God, stay strong

Your eyes on His

The blessings will come

~ photo credit: www.etsy.com

A Matter of Time


Days of pain
Of hurt and brokenness
Days of grief
Filled with overwhelming sadness
Days of difficulty
Each turn seems a dead end
Don’t give up
These days will end
God has already made a way
Even before the darkness arrived
God is love, God is life
With you, He wiil stand
For you, He will provide
And as hard as it may get
As down as you might feel
With God, all is possible
He will deliver you
It is just a matter of time

A Little Fine Tuning

1 Peter 5:10 New International Version (NIV) ~ And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

Stretched until you feel like you’re wearing thin

Don’t lose hope and don’t you give in

The tests and trials will come

Depleting you spiritually until you feel bummed

If things should ever look bleak

And your soul light is feeling weak

Understand, that God is working inside you

Tweaking a bit, to refine and strengthen you

Tuning you into the right note

To be a part of His message of hope

A divine song He wants the world to hear

Roaring from the heavens loud and clear

~ photo credit: www.wallcoo.net

The Light of a New Dawn

In the darkest hours

When I cannot see

And the circumstances

Try to convince me

That there is no way

There is no hope

I choose not to let my spirit fall

Into a bottomless pit of hopelessness

Rather, I choose to believe

In a faithful God

And I draw from His bottomless well of grace

Walking by faith, not by sight

Believing without doubt

That His light is always there

Words For You

You can bend

and not break

the air of negativity

might be strong sometimes

but the winds will shift

and if you lose a few petals

don’t worry

that’s God

helping you to shed

some dead weight

~ photo credit: http://www.pinterest.com