God is the architect All specs and details Constructed to perfection All dreams preselected Customized, fitted and personalized Specifically for you No need to hassle or bargain It is a gift The enrichment of life Why settle for less? * photo credit: Advertisements

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Watering The Roots

Yesterday is gone, with all its heartaches and mistakes. Today is here and so I water the roots and turn my heart towards the sun, balancing these elements to nourish the soul. A song in the heart sings freely when the heart is not closed. God remains the most fertile ground to be rooted in. […]

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Guiding light never diminishing God promised He would never leave And He would always lead The power of trust You and I in God You and I in us Standing at the zenith of a rainbow We observe a future of beautiful happenings Revelations of united blessings Just as our guiding light will never diminish The […]

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Friday Inspiration: Not Over

By far There are more lines to write More paragraphs to compose And more chapters to continue Universal scale Tilted towards disappointment But the faithful sower Knows a bountiful harvest will come soon Fully aware of what God can do Do not be led by the illusion Of false circumstances Each time God says He […]

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