A Giant Leap

The slightest hesitation could change the course of things forever, so it was a leap of faith. Fear never played a role or factor in the decision. It was more about waking up someday and kicking myself in the ass, asking “why?” When you know God has your back, you don’t have to retreat because of […]

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God is the architect All specs and details Constructed to perfection All dreams preselected Customized, fitted and personalized Specifically for you No need to hassle or bargain It is a gift The enrichment of life Why settle for less? * photo credit: pexels.com

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Watering The Roots

Yesterday is gone, with all its heartaches and mistakes. Today is here and so I water the roots and turn my heart towards the sun, balancing these elements to nourish the soul. A song in the heart sings freely when the heart is not closed. God remains the most fertile ground to be rooted in. […]

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Guiding light never diminishing God promised He would never leave And He would always lead The power of trust You and I in God You and I in us Standing at the zenith of a rainbow We observe a future of beautiful happenings Revelations of united blessings Just as our guiding light will never diminish The […]

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