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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


Friday Inspiration: Your Life’s Not Done

A power like no other

There is none higher

To His heart I surrender

In His love I trust

My life is not done

music: Men of Standard “Trust In God”

photo credit: Pinterest


Friday Inspiration: Anchored Hope



My hope anchored deep

With a step forward, I leap

No fear of falling or failure

God is always near to catch me

music credit: Ray Stevenson ft. GabeReal “Eye of the Storm

photo credits: Jimmy Larche Ready Writer’s Prophetic Poems, Praises & Prayers 



Friday Inspiration: God Has A Firm Grip


Firm and steady

God’s hands are prepared

And ready

To carry me

When I am weak

When I feel

As if

There is no where to turn

His are the loving hands

That I seek

music credit: Tenth Avenue North “By Your Side”

photo credit: AZ quotes



Guiding light never diminishing

God promised He would never leave

And He would always lead

The power of trust

You and I in God

You and I in us

Standing at the zenith of a rainbow

We observe a future of beautiful happenings

Revelations of united blessings

Just as our guiding light will never diminish

The light of your love will never diminish

From the perspective of my eyes



Friday Inspiration: Not Over


By far
There are more lines to write
More paragraphs to compose
And more chapters to continue


Universal scale
Tilted towards disappointment
But the faithful sower
Knows a bountiful harvest will come soon


Fully aware of what God can do
Do not be led by the illusion
Of false circumstances
Each time God says He can
I listen
I believe
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Monday Motivation: Let It Go 

Don’t allow the past, what you did or didn’t do, mistakes made or bad decisions, negativity from your own thoughts or from the people that are around you, don’t allow this to keep you from making a change in your life and doing something you dreamed of doing or simply strive to create something better. Learn to let it go, so that you don’t have that unnecessary weight holding you back.

Dwelling in past negativity can only keep the good things that are meant for you, in the dark. Don’t let the rear view be your only view.


music: Steffany Gretzinger “Letting Go”

quote: Joel Osteen