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#RomanticTuesday: Expository Hearts

“What do I have to offer you but my life, this is all I know of love.”

Maybe the world will never understand

It is not for us to explain to the world

Love is self explanatory

Our hearts, expository

I believe the universe understands

Allowing itself to be a well of endless depth to our love

Our descent has been deep and there is no return

For what is life without love?

And what is love without life?

In you I find the answer to both


photo credit: From the Korean action film “Duelists”





4 Line Stories: Change of Dress

Morning sun drapes the sky

In a different hue of wakening light

“I prefer my blue and patches of white” says the sky

“Just wanted to see you in something different” says the sun, shining bright 


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Yet I Find


Night sky

Deepest of blue

Stars speckled throughout

Freckles on the universe

Yet I find

Beauty in cacti that pantomime

Not wasting a moment of life

Appreciating the stars

Before they give their last performance

Did I say “hi” today?

I hope my head was in it today (life)

Read some words that stuck with me

Felt good to be stuck to

Sort of like those stars up there

Sticking to the night sky

Prompting me to remember those words again

Felt good to shine briefly


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When Men Were Dust

There are remains of the original earth

Before nature began being eaten and swallowed up

Coyotes among the city dwellers is a common sight

This land is your land, this land is my land

The animal kingdom would attest to that

Wild horses are really beautiful

But are they really wild in their natural habitat?

Maybe the animals think of us as wild humans

Even in our natural habitat

Maybe nature and man can truly coexist

Before the original earth is completely swallowed up


photo credit:

by Photographer Mikko Lagerstedt