Warriors and Men

Rising again Facing the task before me Stitched up wounds What must be will be The wise men spin tales of heroism The jesters lighten the mood I study the movement of the wind Pondering my next move * photo credit: Mobile Abyss        Advertisements

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Signs of Life 

Finding a seam within the darkness  He thrusted his single engine towards the gap It had been years since light was known He had never stopped in his search for this now mythic like opening  To see light for the first time since the wars ended, brought tears to his eyes Remembering how the earth […]

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What Will Be Left?

  What will be left for the children? War torn structures and environments Countries devastated by poverty and disease Has the field of dreams been burned to the ground Neglected and malnourished by the higher-ups Taking education out of the hands and hearts of teachers Devising a common system Robotic, test, test, test Leaving the […]

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Your Eyes

    I find happiness in your eyes Even when my sky is not as colorful When the media feeds me stories of death and decay The devil pricks me with needles just to have his laugh But I am fine, I am good I wear your love on my bones to keep my soul […]

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