#RomanticTuesday: The Whole of You

“I see the leaves changing colors and I love how you are blossoming.”

There are many layers to you

I love them all even before discovering them all

Should it take a lifetime then let it be so

I only know that you are everything to me

And everything thing about you I embrace wholeheartedly

How could I not love the whole of you

Seeing your roots and how firmly they are entrenched

Seeing you branch out into your own special being

And my, how lovely the many colors of your inner being continue to show themselves beautifully

I so love discovering the layers of you

And loving them all

I will always love the whole of you

Photo by Cxpturing Souls from Pexels

#RomanticTuesday: This Is Why My Heart Beats

“I didn’t make a wish, God understood my heart and then you appeared.”

No day is ordinary

I see light behind the routine

Life is not ordinary

You have given it new meaning

A breath of fresh air that fills my soul

The zest for life is big and bold

New eyes

New heart

New thoughts spark in my mind

This love to be blessed with was a beautiful find

No average day since you appeared

And this sense of wonder has made it clear

That you are once in a lifetime

Thank you for shining in my lifetime

My heart beats for you

Photo by Abdullah Öztürk from Pexels

Hearts and Faces

Image result for woman by the sea

The world is filled with so many hearts and faces. Many of which I will never know, but in this sea of hearts and faces, what a blessing it was to find your heart and see your face. So, in this moment I drop all metaphors to tell you, you are beautiful. I will always see you from the inside out…

Totally beautiful.


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#MondayThought: Being Whole

Healing restores to wholeness that which has been injured or fragmented.

– Sharon Weil

As life goes, we give pieces of ourselves to life and those people and things which inhabit our life. Sometimes in a healthy way and other times in an unhealthy way. Nobody lives a perfect life, we all have our struggles and our good times. If we can somehow maintain some type of balance between giving of ourselves and giving to our self, then I believe we can maintain our very own wholeness of being.

Stay inspired and keep rising.


photo credit: Nacho Juarez – pexels.com

The Sequel (Journey Towards Love)

When we met

through exchanged glances

It was as if we knew each other all along

our connection, precise

everything about us fit so nice

residue from a past life together?

we lived and we loved

and as we entered the light eternal

we each petitioned to God

to let us relive the experience of love

of togetherness, of wholeness

with God’s compassionate heart being moved

a deep sleep fell over us

and back on earth in two different parts of the world

two babies were born, a boy and a girl

complementing spirits on a journey towards love

the sequel had begun


Beautiful Girl



she strikes the match

and lights another candle

her daily ritual

hoping to find her way home

she’s been lost for some time now

broken and bruised by the world about her

a lover that failed her

and left her to drift into nothingness

he was just a lover

not the love she was hoping for

and when he left

she left too

a beautiful girl

lost in nothingness

a candle of hope burns each day

a guiding light

for a beautiful girl to find her way back home

to the beautiful woman

who sits alone at the edge of her bed

broken and bruised by the world about her

waiting to be whole again


photo courtesy of: en.wikipedia.org