#MondayThoughts: Healing Needed

And I want to heal the world by my words.
– Avijeet Das

Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

When you have the time, take a moment and pause. Say a prayer, send out positive vibrations and energy, exhibit kindness and love.

Our world today collectively an individually is in need of healing. There is a thin layer of darkness covering the world at the moment and we need to continue to spread goodness, light and love.

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We all get down at some point

Just don’t stay down

Lift yourself up and lift someone with you

If you are living and breathing

Then hope can be alive and well within

*stay inspired and keep rising

Half Past The Hour

Lingering last words

Morph into evening daydreams

The world outside my window stands still 

Or maybe it cannot hold my attention, like you do

Looking at the night to come

I peruse the channels, hoping for something entertaining 

A sigh is my companion this evening 

So are you, in thought 

All is relative 

photo credit: pexels.com

Circumference of Perspective 

The world can be very huge

Depending on your perspective 

Blank canvass sky, waiting to be painted upon 

Skyscrapers, mountains and deserts 

Winding rivers, open sea and endless depth oceans

Depending on your perspective 

The world can be very small

Depending on the set of eyes you use

And the mind in which you decide to dream

photo credit: pexels.com 

One…For Sorrow



Exiting with quiet foot steps

No footprints left

No retracing of steps

Zipping my jacket up tight

It is cold out

Closing the door

Lights are just about asleep

The street cleaners are preparing

It’s been a pleasure..2016

Maybe we will meet again at the stroke of midnight

2017 holds so much promise

But then again.. doesn’t every new year


photo courtesy of pixabay.com


Monday Motivation: So Many Voices 

So many voices around us. Helpful, harmful, encouraging, discouraging, voices without and the voice within. We listen, we absorb and then we decide how it impacts us. We can use our voice for good or as a tool of destruction. We can also use our voice to speak for those who are hidden in silence.

There is our inner voice. The voice that tells us to go ahead, proceed with caution, or stop. Sometimes it’s good to listen to our inner voice and then there are times it is not.  We do have the tendency to over analyze or talk ourselves out of something good.  In the end it is our decision to listen or not.

Then there is the voice of God. Speaking from a spiritual standpoint, God speaks in so many different ways. He speaks through his word, He speaks through The Holy Spirit, He speaks through His son and in numerous other ways. Depending on what you believe, God speaks the truth. His voice is the supreme guidance for the spiritual life.

So many voice in the world. The outside world, the inner world and the spiritual. How we listen, perceive and react is our choice and ours alone. 


photo credit:  wwwblueskyjourney.org 

Real Thought Series: Colorless

“The human heart is like a night bird. Silently waiting for something, and when the time comes, it flies straight toward it.”
Haruki Murakami, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

I awakened to find my eyes devoid of color

Could not differentiate between black and white or grey

The world looked the same

At least, this one did

I had become a stranger now

This was not the world I knew…


photo credit: www.apnphotographyschool.com


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