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Monday Thoughts: The Steps Given, The Steps Taken

You know your end goal. You know where you want to be and hope to achieve.  As we push towards our goal, we know there are steps that need to be taken to get us to success. The more you believe in what you want , the more  steps open that give you more options in helping you.

We come into awareness of these step because they relate directly to our goals and it feels like a little nudge in the right direction. These are the steps given. Now, what we do with those steps is an entirely different story. Do we take those necessary steps or do we hesitate, think twice and decide to follow our own logic?  These are the steps taken.  Maybe we think it may be too hard or too long. Maybe there is an easier route (we tell ourselves). Possibly we could be right but then again, is the easier way always the best way?

It may take a lot patience, courage and the willingness to persevere, but when we arrive at the point of achieving our end goal and seeing something we have strived for come to fruition, it can be a fulfilling experience an impetus for us with future goals.


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Monday Thoughts: It’s Not About Me

So much goes on in life on a daily basis. So much is happening within us and around us. Guess what though? Everything that happens is not about us individually. Yes, there may be things going on with those closest to us, friends and or acquaintances, but it is their own personal experience, designed for them. It may involve us indirectly by some minuscule percentage and we take it to heart, allowing it to affect our mood and well being.

“It’s not about me,” now let’s repeat that…”It’s not about me.” Let go of that selfish thinking. Don’t allow your ego to rob someone else of their life experience. The best thing we can do is be supportive, encouraging and depending on the experience, share in their happiness.


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Thoughtful Thursday: Identity

“A personality alters itself through a series of self-referential experiences. We are not the same as the day before. Much as a person can never set foot in exactly the same river on any given day, we are different each day. Yesterday made us, but the past cannot contain nor restrain us. We can never mentally scroll backward and be who we used to be. We must move forward in the stream of life until the day that our life force dries up and we return to dust.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls


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