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Monday Motivation: A Little Internal House Cleaning 

Feeling that feeling again? You know, feelings you thought you were over and they were gone, long gone. All of a sudden they are back and buzzing inside you like a flash mob of angry bees. You start to recall why you felt that way and begin to be hard on yourself for feeling these feelings again.

I’ll be darn, you are human. 

Time for a little internal housecleaning. If you are not in that situation anymore, look at where you are now. Have you progressed for the better? Are you still toiling in what could have been? Are you allowing yourself to be free from the past? Time to pick up the broom and dust pan and sweep up some left over debris from past disappointments, hurts, mistakes, etc.

There are feelings and emotions we have buried deep instead of letting go. It takes the slightest incident to bring them back to the surface and cause us to linger in them. Recognizing we cannot change the past is one step. Learning from and not repeating past mishaps is another step. I have been there, so I would not b.s. you. Learn to give yourself a break and not be so hard on yourself (why did or didn’t I do such and such?). If this were a perfect life and perfect world, we would never grow within, only participate in well constructed puppet show.

A little internal cleaning is necessary now and then. Sort of like preventive maintenance. Above all, stay inspired!


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Lavender scent 

Purple accented 

Royalty is your essence

My perspective 

Emphasis on gratitude 

Respectfully adoring you

God’s blessings are tailor made

I do not desconstruct 

Only emphasize your given qualities 

The scent of lavender is soothing 


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Barren And Beautiful 

Angels powder the sky so colorful 

A barren tree stands tall and proud

Not ashamed to be without leaves 

Aware that beauty starts from the inside out

A silhouette against the backdrop of life

At times invisible to the naked eye

This colorful sky commands the spotlight 

But the tree doesn’t mind at all

It stands tall 

Knowing someday its leaves will return

Adopting such a grandeur appearance 

If not…. 

The tree will still stand tall

Accepting that it is beautiful in any form

Loved by God as is


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The lines are open

Commuting feelings 

Don’t believe for a second

That you have strayed from my mind

Birds may sit on the wire 

But the communication is uninterrupted 

Just silent for now

Anyhow, it attests to why we are here

At this point in time 

Trying to find comfort in bottled up feelings 

Holding the receiver in my hand

Listening to dead air


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You Are Always Love


I want more of what you have to give, God

A total makeover of spirit and soul

Undoing the wallpaper before my eyes

Revealing a picturesque new life

Mending my broken trails one by one

A now solid road I walk on

Enjoying the scent of the rose more

And feeling less the prick of its thorns

You know before I utter a word

Understanding the yearning in my spirit

I give you my all

Free falling into your love

A baptism

You are always You

You are always love


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Chasing Clouds


Redemption in a setting sun

Heart strung up

Chasing clouds

Wondering simultaneously

Hoping fortune falls from the sky

As we watch the seeds planted

Praying that the harvest will be bountiful

Today is today

And that setting sun

Closes the gaping hole, just a little

That leads to wholeness


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