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Rock Ballad of The Week: Night Ranger “Goodbye”

As the sun hides his head
For another night’s rest
And the wind sings
His same old song
And you on the edge
Never close, never far
Always there when I needed a friend

Yet it’s hard living life
On this memory-go-round
Always up, always down
Spinning ’round and ’round and ’round

And all this could be
Just a dream so it seems
I was never much good at goodbye

There once was a time
Never far from my mind
On the beach, on the 4th of July
I remember the sand
How you held out your hand
And we touched for what seemed a lifetime

Now it’s hard
Leaving all this behind me now
Like a schoolboy so lost
Never found until now

And all this could be
Just a dream so it seems
I was never much good at goodbye

Yet it’s hard
Living life on this memory-go-round
Always up, always down
Turning ’round and ’round and ’round

And all this could be
Just a dream so it seems
I was never much good at goodbye

And all this could be
Just a dream so it seems
I was never much good at goodbye



Songwriters EARLE, STEVE

Goodbye” is a power ballad by the American hard rock band Night Ranger. It was released on November 9, 1985, as the third and last single from their album Seven Wishes. It was written by guitarist Jeff Watson and singer Jack Blades.

Reaching No. 17, the song is the last U.S. top 20 hit for the band to date. The music video for “Goodbye” was good rotation on MTV at end of that year.

Night Ranger is an American rock band from San Francisco that gained popularity during the 1980s with a series of albums and singles. The band’s first five albums sold more than 10 million copies worldwide and have sold 17 million albums total. The quintet is perhaps best known for the power balladSister Christian“, which peaked at No. 5 in June 1984.

After their success waned in the late 1980s, the band split up in 1989 and its members pursued other musical endeavours including group and solo efforts. Brad Gillis and Kelly Keagy teamed up with bassist Gary Moon and released an album without the other original band members in 1995, but the band soon re-united to release two new albums in the latter half of the decade. Despite the departure of original keyboardist Alan Fitzgerald and guitarist Jeff Watson, the band has continued to tour and remains very popular in Asian countries, particularly Japan




The Thievery of Time

I remember the feel of the waves as they crashed against my soul

How we fused into one entity

Spinning the clock backwards and recalling every second

Time turned into a thief and stole you away from me

I have no questions, only memories

The miles between cannot dim your smile in any way

I held that glimpse of you and carried it with me everywhere today


I thought about today a lot

While we were chasing our dreams, I thought about today


Amazing, how the days come and go

Amazing, how the world can take a backseat only to reappear suddenly

Amazing where you find yourself from one moment to the next


I thought about yesterday a lot 

I thought about how one last look can cause the heart to tear slightly 

I thought about the taste of rocky road, pralines and cream and the significance of ice cream on a nice summer day

I thought about intimate conversations that opened up parts of the soul

I thought about the view from the top of a pagoda and the enlightenment that resides there

Time will never have the upper hand, only momentary acts of thievery


Tomorrow will come

And I will hold on to the glimpse of your smile everywhere I go

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#RomanticTuesday: The Language Between Us

Even without words 

We communicate 

Our eyes

Our hands

Through every gesture

We feel each other’s hope and despair 

Each other’s joy and disappointment 

On this journey of love

An intimate language has developed 

The oneness of our hearts 

The familiarity of our souls

Whether within each other’s presence or whether we are apart

The language between us is never silence

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Friday Inspiration: Not Alone

Creator of the living

Above all things

Should I reach for the sky

I need not reach far

Because you are near

Always near

I am never alone

photo credit: Godswordimages

music: Tauren Wells “Hills and Valleys”


Instrumental – Pat Metheny “And I Love Her”

Patrick BrucePatMetheny (/məˈθni/ mə-THEE-nee; born August 12, 1954) is an American jazz guitarist and composer.

He is the leader of the Pat Metheny Group and is also involved in duets, solo works and other side projects. His style incorporates elements of progressive and contemporary jazz, Latin jazz, and jazz fusion.[1] Metheny has three gold albums and 20 Grammy Awards[2] and is the only person to win Grammys in ten different categories. He is the brother of jazz flugelhornist and journalist Mike Metheny.

*source: wikipedia