Instrumental: Bane Jelic “Kiss From The Sky”

Bane Jelić (Serbian Cyrillic: Бане Јелић; Serbo-Croatian pronunciation: [ˈbane ˈjeːlit͡ɕ]), born June 11, 1967, is a Serbian rockand metal guitarist. Bane Jelic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. From early age he was attracted to musical instruments and music. At the age of ten he started to play the acoustic guitar and for his twelfth birthday he received an electrical guitar and an […]

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The Sun and The Tree

That which is must be lived Until the signal switch signals time to shift direction No amount of anticipation can prepare you for this lesson Feet wading in water Just believe and step out on to it Patient crows wait for the farmer’s seeds Be careful what you sow For the benefits you shall reap […]

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