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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


4 Line Stories: The Jazzorcist 

Upon realizing there daughter was possessed 

Dad immediately called an exorcist 

When Richard Simmons showed up, even the demon was bewildered 

Dad had pressed an 8 instead of a 7, “stupid thumb”


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A Traveling Mind

The road less traveled 

I know all too well

Worn shoes tossed aside 

My stride may be slow at times

But I push onward 

Signpost up ahead reads “to be continued”

Never heard of that street before 

I see the roads merging into one 

Hoping my sequence of steps leads me home

A traveling mind gets weary on occasion 

The comforts of home are a worthy thought 

Perhaps, one day, this mind will travel less

Thinking back to that signpost

The road is to be continued 

As with life 

I move on


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Holding Up


When the fog clears

We will really see clearly

Just how we held each other up

Finding strength in the words we shared

We knew going in it wouldn’t be easy

The ever shifting winds have yet to blow us away

Seems they have only brought us closer


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Determined eyes

A heart housed in a tower

I just want to be closer

My heart desires closure

Climbing dizzying heights

Determined eyes

Hands hanging on

If I fall

Let it be into you

My soul desire to be closer

Love will bring us closure

Hope breaks open the sky

Your heart is the light

Reflecting off my determined eyes

I just want to be closer


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Tell Me Again

Tell me again about her soul

Warm is the sand beneath my feet

Water rushing rapidly to kiss the shore 

Waves of feelings run through my veins

Listening to the song you translated through movement 

Deep admiration as you danced with the wind

I forgot how lovely breaths of life could be

Tell me again about her soul

Her modesty in the light of being 

She refuses to stand on top a pedestal 

Only shared her unfolding petals like a beautiful carnation 

The stage has always been hers

The spotlight was left for others

I remain to this day, your captive audience 

In appreciation of your soul, always 


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Whispering Mist

Going back to a time we once knew

Serenity still lingers in the atmosphere 

A mist whispering memories hovers 

Triggering an auto play of images 

The wise ones say when you drink too much of what you had

The taste is bittersweet 

Better to have had than to not have had at all

So I drink down these memories 

Stirring up the inspiration to undertake this endeavor 

To decorate life as beautiful as it can be

And leave more memories for the mist to whisper 

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