#RomanticTuesday: Differently

“At the end of the day, I am just a man, but loving you will never be ordinary.”



Life looks so differently

When your heart is set free

Thank you for reminding me that I have wings

And I hope that I have delivered to you the same feeling


Experiencing everything differently

My senses brought into a new sense of being

Darling, you will always be a gift to me

This beautiful connection of ours will always be


Gazing at you differently

Because there is more of you that I see

And seeing more of you gives even more meaning

To all that is an all of which the heart foresees


Love sees all differently

Opening all possibilities

Possibilities. created just for You and Me


Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels




#RomanticTuesday: Kissing Clouds

Without you in the frame, there really is no picture.”


With a ribbon of love wrapped around our wrists

Hands clasped firmly

Ocean gazing

All of this is so amazing

Here we are

Drawing connecting hearts in the sand

Our initials in the middle

We are infinite, my dear

Linked together by love

We disappear

Reappearing as kissing clouds

Looking down

We could swear the ocean is smiling

And we just float away

No glass ceiling in the way

We are infinite, my dear

Infinite, my love


Photo by Kevin Menajang from Pexels

Last Words

It is in the last words that we say

Before the night comes into play

That we take with us in the realm of a dream

As angels watch over us as we sleep

These words, like miracles and gifts

Keep us afloat, as in this dream we drift

Somehow, I know I will meet you there

With comforting arms and great care

With more than words to recite

Until the night gives way to morning light

The voices of gifts and miracles will always be with us


photo credit: Photo by Sachith Hettigodage from Pexels

#RomanticTuesday: Open Line

I appreciate our conversations

They have such a natural flow

At moments they run very deep

And then there is the light-hearted flow

I love to hear the sound of your laughter

That alone fills me with so much joy

I listen intensely in sensitive situations

With your emotions I will never toy

I hope that on the other end

I can give you a reason to smile

Regardless of what we talk about

Talking with you is so worthwhile

To stay in touch

Line to line

This is fine

But it is truly more

Connected hearts

That are never apart

Always, from shore to shore


photo credit: pexels.com

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