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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


I am grateful and humble. I am sometimes and sometimes I am not. I am a small flame within a larger context of meaning. I am here for now and I am grateful and humble. 

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Friday Inspiration: Deliverer and Defender

When I am down

Submerged and drowning

In despair and sorrow

I call on you, Lord

My deliverer and defender

In you, I find rest

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music: Matt Maher ft. Audrey Assad “Lord, I Need You”



Out of The Grey 

I remember a world of black and white

When the days were devoid of color

When souls were light sensitive and preferred shades of grey 

I knew there was more than monotone consciousness 

This day by day simulation of encoded life

Society was good at keeping you in the grey

In fact, they were masters of it, keeping things status quo

I remember the masses that had lived that way for so long that they couldn’t conceive there being any other way 

So they stayed

They lived status quo

They lived in the grey

They couldn’t and probably never would understand why we left

There was no guilt, sure there was an air of sadness 

But life is a cocktail of emotions that we drink daily

As we came closer to the other side of the bridge and saw that yellow leaf

“Yellow,” we spoke softly 

He said it would be different, that there were things in this life we would see, really see for the first time

This new sensation of being alive was something we hadn’t experienced before

Not like this

It was almost overwhelming, so much light filling our souls

Completely immersed in light, there was no perceivable existence of grey

Only from time to time I recall when the world was black and white 

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Which ever direction 

The clouds decide to break

I will see the light

I always do

Perceptions can be misconstrued 

I believe You are looking out for me

So I make do

An admire Your handy work 

How often does one see divine hands in action and not be amazed?

Soon the clouds will be parted permanently 

Your light always prevails 


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Our Given Route

We start out one way

Then life puts us on another road

For what purpose, not known

We find a way to carry on

Putting mileage on our souls

Paying no tolls

Only having hope

When the purpose is revealed

We do our best to steer correctly

We might encounter a turn or two

The lanes of life may get clogged

But we know the traffic will clear

And we will always be guided along our route