Been walking for miles across the heart The sky filled with philosopher’s clouds Treading on poetic terrain Watching thoughts graze in the fields Anointed minds gather under inspiration’s tree Leaves of light shine the prayers for the living While the living water quenches the thirst of searching souls Bless the man Bless the woman The […]

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Eternal Light

Soul survivor Never devoid of the fire inside Hand of God lifts me higher And with each step I strive on Eternal light alive in me * gif credit: giphy.com 

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As long as there is light There will be love There will be joy There will be peace A harmonious union deep inside the soul That cannot be broken or stolen There is no greater hope than forever light Sometimes we are blinded so that we can understand No amount of knowledge can comprehend It […]

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The Shore

Standing on the shore Eyes looking inward Prayers going outward Thoughts growing hopeful Sky illuminating higher Eyes looking outward Prayers simmering within Standing on the shore Thinking about it all * photo credit: pexels.com

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Happy Thanksgiving

Family and friendship Sometimes becomes intertwined The line erased All embraced Love makes us all One * I have more than some For some I have less I am rich and poor I have hope and faith I have Love God is Love I am thankful for all that I have And for whatever is […]

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