#MondayThoughts: Passing Through Adversity

I suppose sooner or later in the life of everyone comes a moment of trial. We, all of us have our particular devil who rides us and torments us, and we must give battle in the end.

– Daphne Du Maurier, Rebecca

Adversity – noun: difficulties, misfortune

We all face adversity from time to time. The road is not always a smooth one. The degree of difficulty and the weight of misfortune will vary and it can be quite disheartening.

Yet, we will pass through. One way or another we will pass through. Who will we be coming out on the other side? Ideally we want to come out stronger, wiser and more centered, but adversity leave us at a lost, losing a piece of our inner being. Adversity can affect our psyche, our spiritual and physical well-being. Perspective is the key.

And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.

– haruki murakami


Adversity will come, how you approach it is solely your decision. Don’t believe you have to pay a toll to cross the bridge. When you believe that it will be well on the other side then the bridge to that point will open. Pray, meditate, envision it. Adversity should be nothing more than a stumbling block, if that, on your life’s journey.

You can

You will

You have

Regardless of the external an internal forces, never give up on You.

Stay inspired and keep rising.

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#MondayThoughts: One Day

You must not waste your one day here. When the sun shines, you let it shine on you. Snow is always waiting.

– Gayle Forman, Just One Day (Just One Day, #1)

Realistically, one day is all we have and if you want to really break it down, one moment is all we have. There is no guarantee we will see tomorrow or see the end of the day. We live with our mind programmed with a daily routine and anticipation of what comes next.

One day we are here smack dab in the middle of life and then we are gone. Yes, we do live a life in between those two points. What if we got the news that all we had was one day left? Can you imagine how our minds would scramble trying to grasp this reality and then on to what we think we should do. Try living a full life in one day.

Life in itself is a miracle. How we were created to the finest detail is a miracle. The life within and the life that surrounds us are miracles.

One day, this day, this moment is it. We can try and peek into tomorrow or what we believe lies ahead but we can only live one moment at a time. Don’t let your moment get bogged down with worries and anxieties. We have our plans, our hopes and dreams, most importantly we have our inner being. Support your well being and all you hope and desire to accomplish as best as you possibly can. Do not let your one day go to waste getting caught up in trivial things and especially in other’s dim view of their life and life itself.

As for myself, I try to do the best I can at living as best as I can. Not taking for granted the people and blessings in my life that are part of the foundation of who I am and who I am becoming. I dream, I hope, I trust and I love in everyday. I am thankful to be here in this moment of this one day.

Stay inspired and keep rising.

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Embracing Light

I have always seen the light in your eyes and how it reflects the light in your life. As you continue to unearthed the treasures within you, I only see you moving closer and closer towards whom you were created to be…

This beautiful living light

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#ThoughtfulThursday: Apply Within by Suzy Kassem


You once told me
You wanted to find
Yourself in the world –
And I told you to
First apply within,
To discover the world
within you.

You once told me
You wanted to save
The world from all its wars –
And I told you to
First save yourself
From the world,
And all the wars
You put yourself

APPLY WITHIN by Suzy Kassem


photo credit: Na Urchin at pexels.com

#RomanticTuesday: The Whole of You

“I see the leaves changing colors and I love how you are blossoming.”

There are many layers to you

I love them all even before discovering them all

Should it take a lifetime then let it be so

I only know that you are everything to me

And everything thing about you I embrace wholeheartedly

How could I not love the whole of you

Seeing your roots and how firmly they are entrenched

Seeing you branch out into your own special being

And my, how lovely the many colors of your inner being continue to show themselves beautifully

I so love discovering the layers of you

And loving them all

I will always love the whole of you

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#ThoughtfulThursday: Mountain

“You have to conquer every obstacle, before you can reach the top of the mountain.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

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