With Every New Dawn

As the day draws to a close, the sun glows mightily before it takes rest, knowing that in the new dawn it shall return bigger, brighter and more bolder… Accompanying the sky once again * photo credit: Vlad Bagacian from Pexels

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Breaking Boundaries

I see and comprehend Then listen and understand Another lesson in humanity Followed by a lesson in spiritual thinking Free will starts the engine Faith kicks it into a higher gear I am not figuring to go around the mountain I want to remove it completely Eyes on the Most High and not distracting things […]

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Hearts and Faces

The world is filled with so many hearts and faces. Many of which I will never know, but in this sea of hearts and faces, what a blessing it was to find your heart and see your face. So, in this moment I drop all metaphors to tell you, you are beautiful. I will always […]

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A Quiet Light

A warmth that touches your soul Not that from nature’s hand A quiet light of fondness Thoughts which rise with the sun Settling comfortably in the heart of the sky Subtle in presence yet always there Creating a mirror image of reflection Which speaks when nothing needs to be said And when these thoughts set […]

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#MondayThoughts: Dark Energy

“Even on the heaviest of days, hope remains present.” – Syl We know all across the globe there are lots of bad things happening. Each day we are fed with heaping spoons of bad news and world turmoil. Imagine the affect that can have own your psyche. Now, take that same perspective and apply it […]

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