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Friday Inspiration: All Things Beautiful

If you are only particles of dust

Then God took them

And formed something

Very beautiful

music: Gungor “Beautiful Things”

photo credit: Daily Life Verse 



Circumference of Perspective 

The world can be very huge

Depending on your perspective 

Blank canvass sky, waiting to be painted upon 

Skyscrapers, mountains and deserts 

Winding rivers, open sea and endless depth oceans

Depending on your perspective 

The world can be very small

Depending on the set of eyes you use

And the mind in which you decide to dream

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4 Line Stories: Raising The Anchor 

As he prepared to take the helm

“What adventures would the day bring.” He thought to himself 

But if all the day delivered was much to do about nothing 

He could live with that too

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Staking A Claim


The day breaks

The sun claims a stake to this day

Commanding attention

As it takes control of the sky

I shade my eyes while watching the clouds scatter

There is idle chatter among the tall grass

I mind my own business and admire the boldness of the sun

Harnessing its warmth, I follow its cue

Taking control of the day

I live with a great boldness for life

Staking my claim


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Sharpening The Contrast


Once more

Reshaping the course of the day

Forming new thoughts

That lead me away

Rain tapping on the window

No color to my pondering

An insomniacs dream

No details to its meaning

I see an opening in this ceiling of thought

Words cascading down waterfalls

Swimming together and trying to make sense of it all

Meanwhile, I recall earlier tic tocs  and beatings of my heart

When the pulse of the day had much color

But what can I do?

Just sharpen the contrast of these black and white thoughts

And sing along to any song that understands what I’m feeling


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