#MondayThoughts: Trial By Fire

“Through it all, I never doubted it would pass, either way, it always does.” We are constantly tested, prodded and provoked by life. As hard as it is to grasp that the hard times and heart anguishing moments will pass, they will. For better or worse they will. We don’t have to pretend that everything […]

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Tale of The Tape

Cannot measure this Voices in the mist Recalling what this is all about Headphones on Enriching the experience of what matters The fortune is priceless Nothing comes close * photo credit: pexels.com

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At The Stroke of Midnight

Even if the new year steps in quietly Quiet as cat’s feet I will peer back into this year Recalling how everything became stronger This sense of life, this sense of being Every joy, every pain amplified Through it all We remained constant Now we prepare to light a candle for the new year Not […]

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Revolving Impulses

Electrical impulses Sending out signals Thoughts revolving in the mind Trust in the light Not faulty circuitry That projects counterfeit happiness You deserve much more than that Impulses revolving constantly * photo credit: pexels.com

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Christmas Eve

Wherever you may find yourself Let the miracle of Christmas fill your heart Hopefully you will find the wonder of it all And let the Spirit touch your inner child once again * gif credit: Rebloggy

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