Fighting Through

All those times you knocked me down All those times I got back up Bruises on my soul My heart wounded Still, I got back up I sense you are weary and tired of punching As for me, I’m just getting started You see, if I stay down I give you satisfaction If I lay […]

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One Out of A Billion

Watching a shooting star go by A beautiful streak of light in the sky Billions of stars standing still One out of a billion chose to propel itself It just may burn out quick But if only for a moment It chose to be fully alive instead of standing still Always a part of my […]

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Rediscovering Eden Spiritual paradise lost A divine tide washing upon my shore Pieces of me drift out to the ocean Soul cleansing No forbidden fruit to tempt No repeating old history I observe the symbolism of the tree God is more than knowledge It is Him that I acknowledge And it is Him that establishes […]

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#MondayThoughts: Reality Check

We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. Chuck Palahniuk, Diary * The physical side of life will come to an end someday, a reality we all live with. When we are young this really doesn’t register, but as we become older our focus shifts to […]

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