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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


Romantic Tuesday #Loveuary ❤ – I See

When I look at you I see

All the fullness of what love means

And because love cannot truly be defined 

In you I see 

The endless expression of love divine 

You are burgeoning hope in the new morning’s light

You are the rush of overwhelming gratitude that hits me in the silence

When I look at you I see

A man desiring the hours of the day to move slowly 

So I can take advantage of every moment to hold you closer 

In you I see 

A soul full of life 

A thoughtful and and caring heart that shines incredibly 

Every day you amaze me

In you I see


All of who you are 


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Warriors and Men

Rising again

Facing the task before me

Stitched up wounds

What must be will be

The wise men spin tales of heroism

The jesters lighten the mood

I study the movement of the wind

Pondering my next move


photo credit: Mobile Abyss 





4 Line Stories: A Pinch of This…


The right ingredients can give a dish the most delectable flavor

One that the taste buds will always savor

In life, we try to find the ingredients that will bring

Our life to its most delectable meaning


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Up And Out

When you reach rock bottom 

You can only look up 

Can’t fall any further 

Unless it’s six feet under

The point of no return 

But it is not that time

Picked myself up 

And began to climb 

After a while I could see the light

With all my might I dug my fingers in

Pulled myself up one reach at a time 

One after another 

Slipped a time or two 

But never gave up and kept my head up

The light grew bigger and my eyes grew wider

I finally reach the top 

Back to the surface again 

I looked down that hole back to where I began 

And I thanked God for not giving up on me

And I thank my heart for not quitting on me

I carry a rope with me these days

There are a lot of holes 

And there are a lot of people that need some help pulling themselves up

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Monday Motivation: Potential 

The indicator reads zero. 

We are all blessed with the potential to do some great and amazing things. We all have our own unique talents and skill set that when explored and tapped into, can lead to some awesome experiences in our life.

In life, we may or may not realize our full potential and capabilities, but who’s to say what full potential is? We are all different within and just because we are not all achieving on the same level doesn’t mean we are not using our full potential. 

Our effort is our potential. How hard we work at something is using our potential. The end result is based on our effort. So, we need not measure our achievements, successes and life up against someone else’s. We only need to give our very best effort at living our life and what we are trying and hoping to accomplish. 

The indicator will always remain at zero, if we do not at least try.

Stay inspired!