#MondayThoughts: Personal Imprint

You were created in Love for impact to leave your
imprint on the world!
– Catherine Toon

Photo credit: benjamin lehman at unsplash.com

If you think you are different, good, you should be. If you think that you don’t fit in, good, you shouldn’t. You were born with a unique imprint that only you can leave each day. Is it your smile? Is it your out going personality? Is it your reserve and calm nature?

We don’t realize what impact we have on every day life. Our actions and interactions can leave a lasting impression or shift the course of someone’s day as well as our own.  You have the ability to make someone’s day without your even knowing and you can do that by just being you. It is your personal imprint.

When you are awakened each morning

Embrace the day ahead

Your uniqueness is a blessing

A blessing meant to be shared

*stay inspired and keep rising


Photo credit: S.L.A.

To come from
Your heart
And not exist

As something superficial
Or something materialistic

On the eve
Of Christmas Eve
Allow the spirit of
To be the
Foundation (roots)

Center (earth)

And head (sky)

Of your

Christmas Eve and Day

A most joyful and fulfilling experience

Through the eyes of Love

#MondayThoughts: Love Is A Flowing River

Photo credit:  kazuend at unsplash

Took a deep breath and released

Letting go of the bad vibes and feelings

Breathing in new hope and good energy

Increasing the strength of my faith and importance of my dreams

Took another deep breath and released

Sending good thoughts and vibes out to those in need

Reflecting on life’s lessons and their true meaning

I am aware that God is working behind the scenes

And that where I am going, He has already been and will be

One more deep breath and let it go

Love is the river of my direction’s flow

#MondayThoughts: Healing Needed

And I want to heal the world by my words.
– Avijeet Das

Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

When you have the time, take a moment and pause. Say a prayer, send out positive vibrations and energy, exhibit kindness and love.

Our world today collectively an individually is in need of healing. There is a thin layer of darkness covering the world at the moment and we need to continue to spread goodness, light and love.

Photo credit: Pinterest

We all get down at some point

Just don’t stay down

Lift yourself up and lift someone with you

If you are living and breathing

Then hope can be alive and well within

*stay inspired and keep rising

#MondayThoughts: Turn Away From The Jadedness

For jaded people, the only pleasure left is to demolish others.
Anaïs Nin

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

The world can push you to be jaded. The hits can keep coming and sometimes it feels like the disappointments continue to line up. Still, you have to get up and tarry on. Let that goodness vibrate in your heart so strongly and then share it with the world. This is your way of pushing back and not being bullied into submission that all is lost. Life is a blessing, some lose sight of that because the blindfold was placed on them without knowing.

The world can push you to be jaded

But we don’t have to take the bait

Sometimes your day may seem so out of balance

And as hard as you look there are no answers

It is not easy to walk the path less chosen

For every trying moment there are that many more wonderful coming

It gets better

It will be better

No jadedness today

Only faith, hope and love always


Stay inspired and keep rising

#ThoughtfulThursday Two

Photo by Anna Urlapova from Pexels

Knowing someone is there for you

Standing in your corner

Through thick and thin

And thinner times

And through thicker times again

Knowing someone is cheering you on

Having you always feel like a #1

Delivering you some moments of sunshine

Knowing that someone is there

Through joy or despair

Holding up a candle or a torch

A lighthouse when the waves are out of control

Being in this awareness is more than a good feeling

Conquering and soaring the skies

It’s empowering and reassuring

That no matter what the day scripts out

Someone is there in the trenches with you

That always makes me smile

Have a good day!

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