#MondayThoughts: Dare To Be

We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.

– May Sarton

Photo by Guillaume Meurice from Pexels

It is your uniqueness that adds light to this world. There is a great power in being yourself. When you don’t fall Into a category or cannot be labeled, then you are considered offbeat or strange. Better to be authentic than be a run of the mill, right off the assembly line, stereotyped copy of who society believes you should be.

Dare to be you and not allow your uniqueness to be hidden from the world. Life is in need of light and your light carries its own power. Just what the world needs.

Stay inspired and keep rising.

#MondayThoughts: Self Stagnation

When the environment you are wearing starts feeling tight. It means you are still growing.”

Feed and nurture your heart, mind and spirit. I believe there is always room for us to grow. Do not psyche yourself out into believing you have accomplished all that you can accomplish or that your life cannot continue to grow and expand.

Self stagnation happens for many reasons. By choice, by circumstance, voluntarily, involuntarily. Dreams have no age restriction or expiration. Sometimes you wake up to your environment (inner and outer) feeling kind of tight, this is a sign that your ideas and dreams are bursting at the seams, waiting to be sought out and realized. Ignore that stagnating voice and be all ears for the voice that inspires you.

Stay inspired and keep rising.


photo credit: pexels.com

#ThoughtfulThursday: Deprogram

Can you accept the notion that once you change your internal state, you don’t need the external world to provide you with a reason to feel joy, gratitude, appreciation, or any other elevated emotion?” …

– Joe Dispenza

Photo by meo from Pexels