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#MusicalMarch Day 5

My Sister Ritu has turned up the volume on the music in March. Just post one of your favorite songs and add the hashtag in your title. Feel free to join in!

Today I would like to showcase three of our musicians in the community.

EWIAN who has just released a new album “Heart Crash Boom Bang” Here is one of his concept videos which I found really amazing!


James Radcliffe released a digital album “Murder The Impossible” back in December. This beautiful video showcases James deeply moving music.


Marissa, everyone’s favorite rock and roll supermom has released metal charged music with her family supergroup The CheeseBergens . Here is one of their classics…


Lets support these  talented artist from our community. You can listen to Ritu’s song choices here🎵/


4 Line Stories: What She Didn’t Know


Every time I found myself going through an underpass, total darkness

Whenever the moment placed a sudden heaviness upon my soul

I always knew it was only temporary and light was just around the bend

She didn’t realize just how much her presence was daylight to me, pure daylight


photo courtesy of pixabay


What Mattered Most


She found a silent place in her mind


Silence from the mayhem

On the outside looking in

There was solace for her

“More to life on the outside,” she thought to herself

She wasn’t concerned about fitting in

She fit well within herself, what mattered most

I was a casual observer to her war within

But she knew I would go to war with her anytime

I was on the outside looking

We sat in silence

She knew I was there, what mattered most



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Monday Motivation: The Branch of Support 

Life is full of constant changes, from the minor to the major. We are affected differently by change. Some take it in stride, some go with the flow, and some do not take change well.

 There are times when we need someone to talk to. We want an opinion, advice, encouragement, or we need to release. It can happen unexpectedly. We find ourselves being a branch of support for someone to land on for a spell, to catch their breath and regroup, so they can take flight again.  There are moments when you just happen to be there and a relative, friend, or co-worker starts to share with you what is going on with them at the moment, good or bad. Perhaps they want to share or perhaps they need a boost to let them know everything will work out.

It takes patience, understanding and some old fashion kindness, to be a steady branch of support for someone, expectedly or unexpectedly. It is not always easy, knowing we have to deal with what’s going on in our daily life. If the opportunity presents itself, be that branch and give that person a lift of support and encouragement.  More than likely, you’ll both benefit from the experience.

Was it you or I who stumbled first? It does not matter. The one of us who finds the strength to get up first, must help the other.

Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration


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Monday Motitvation: The Comeback

The situation may change everyday and no matter what, the harder things are, the harder you are pushed back, comeback and push back even harder at your difficulties. To get where we need to go, we have to keep moving forward, not standing still…


“All of us at one point end face up in a ditch, but only a few will choose to look up at the stars and dream.”
― Shannon L. Alder

“Learn and train yourself to take the hits in life. Obstacles, barriers and setbacks will come. What matters is how you tackle them, work your way around or find your way through them.”
― Roopleen

“Remember that setbacks are only challenges in disguise. Look at them as lessons . . . don’t waste time beating yourself up. Just get back on track and focus on what you want. It’s up to you , and you will do it!”
― Jorge Cruise


Video: Les Brown “Easy Is Not An Option”

quotes: Muhammad Ali, Shannon L. Adler, Roopleen, Jorge Cruise, MMA


Reality In The Light of Someday


You come as a saving grace
God seeing my weariness
Negative vibes march upon me
Determined to claim my territory
As cold as the climate may seem
The light of beautiful days in waiting carry me
Kindling the hope inside my soul
So bravely I endure the fiery verbal arrows that fly towards me
God is my shield
And you are my saving grace
Today is a new day
I stand in the light of all that is real
My heart is warmed
My soul is at peace
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Understated Heroes

When the heart is restless

Handle with care

Despair not

God’s arms are big enough

You won’t slip through

Even if there is a shortage of super heroes

There are more than enough Clark Kents

To be by your side

~ photo credit:

Clark Kent