#MusicalMarch Day 5

My Sister Ritu has turned up the volume on the music in March. Just post one of your favorite songs and add the hashtag in your title. Feel free to join in! Today I would like to showcase three of our musicians in the community. EWIAN who has just released a new album “Heart Crash […]

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What Mattered Most

She found a silent place in her mind Refuge Silence from the mayhem On the outside looking in There was solace for her “More to life on the outside,” she thought to herself She wasn’t concerned about fitting in She fit well within herself, what mattered most I was a casual observer to her war […]

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Monday Motitvation: The Comeback

The situation may change everyday and no matter what, the harder things are, the harder you are pushed back, comeback and push back even harder at your difficulties. To get where we need to go, we have to keep moving forward, not standing still…   “All of us at one point end face up in a […]

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Reality In The Light of Someday

You come as a saving grace God seeing my weariness Negative vibes march upon me Determined to claim my territory As cold as the climate may seem The light of beautiful days in waiting carry me Kindling the hope inside my soul So bravely I endure the fiery verbal arrows that fly towards me God […]

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