#RomanticTuesday: Once Upon A Kiss

This season warms even the shyest of hearts. There’s were no exception. Without a mistletoe’s hint, they shared an unexpected kiss and from there everything else would grow. A winter’s romance would blossom into love. ‘Tis the season for all things wonderful…


photo credit: Wall.alphacoders.com

3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge: Day 2

Thank you, Robin Words for Life , for nominating me for “3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge” Visit her blog for some down to earth poetry about life through the perspective of the different roles she takes on.

Bloom County created by Berke Breathed

Beautiful Territory

The transition of the times

The light claiming more territory

The human story made new

Old things buried

From a revived earth, blossoms grow

Ever evolving days evolve into something wonderful

The light claims more territory

The blossoms stretch toward the beautiful

And from root, to stem, to petal, they glow

Love is a light that makes all things possible

~ photo credit: www.examplesof.com

One of Many Reasons

You tamed the sun

Its rays dance for you

One of many reasons why I…

You understand

You are one of many wonders

The colors of life you paint with

Splash on me occasionally

Brightening the moment I stand in

I remain stranded in the moment

Mesmerized by the inner light bursting through you

And as the sun’s rays continue to dance

The shape of my heart changes

One of the many reasons why I…

Three words

You understand

~ photo credit: advice.chnlove.com

This Is Why God Created The Sky




No boundaries, only beauty

Room enough for clouds of all shapes and sizes


As far as the eye can see, and then there is more to see

It allows the thunder to puff up its chest

And the lightning to show off its flashiest wear

Juggling the sun, the moon, and throw in some stars

It is the true greatest show on earth

So when I look up

I don’t even bother to ask “why?”

God demonstrates to me every day

Why he created the sky


photo credit: www.trekearth.com

The Seven Wonders of You

The light that shines from within

Beauty that’s deeper than skin

Eyes that hold a mysterious story

A smile that expresses heaven’s glory

A heart bigger than the constellations

Compassion is your spirit’s proclamation

Love is the genetic structure of you

I am deeply in love with the seven wonders of you