Monday Motivation: A Blank Sheet

So we find ourselves in a new day, not knowing what is to come. We have our daily routines we go about and we follow them,  down to the letter. How we go about the day is an entirely different matter.

 There is the robotic mechanical way, the non-chalant way, the inspired and fired up way and the whatever way. 

53 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: A Blank Sheet

  1. So true! Been under the weather a bit this weekend so I’d like to be all fired up but kind of leaning towards robotic. The nice thing about my job is, there’s lots of downtime to blog so hopefully I’ll end up writing something good.

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      1. Thanks bro! What with homework, and helping in laws prepare for a 2 month long visit to India, not forgetting Lil Princess, and my father in law’s birthday (and Valentines yesterday…) it won’t be so quiet, but hey, it’ll be fun filled!

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