#MusicalMarch – Day 27

My Sister Ritu has turned up the volume on the music in March. Just post one of your favorite songs and add the hashtag in your title. Feel free to join in!

MJ Monday!!

You can listen to Ritu’s song choices here https://butismileanyway.com/2017/03/27/day-27-musicalmarch🎵/

13 thoughts on “#MusicalMarch – Day 27

  1. OMG!!! Would you believe me, if I said that this is my favorite take on this challenge overall? 😄YAY!!! I love the whole Off The Wall album. On Sunday I was close to posting Off The Wall too… so funny! Great, great song of the greatest 😁

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      1. Thriller was ultra successful because of the videos and MTV putting them in heavy rotation. That takes nothing away from his talent, but it was a perfect combination at the right time. His music, the choreography and music video.

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