#RomanticTuesday: Calendar Days

Thinking of you brightens the light on the horizon when missing you runs deep.”

Looking at these calendar days

And how they fade into yesterday

I think about how I thought of you in those days

And how they culminated into how I think of you today

Thoughts springing forth from love

With how much love? I cannot tell

Far beyond the heart can measure, this I know

With each calendar day that comes to life

The life within this love constantly grows

I miss you dear, I know that you know

Sighs heard in the still of the night

Breath even more life into the gratitude of having you

The calendar days will be ours completely someday

Photo by Kévin Dorg from Pexels

#RomanticTuesday: Our Time, Our Space


Staring at an empty pillow

Imagining your face

Imagining my fingers tracing

your features

A smile comes to my face

I count the stars in my mind

Like I count the stars in your eyes

Falling asleep peacefully

with you on my mind

Dreaming that my head is on your chest

And the sound of your heartbeat

gives me peace to rest

Dreaming it’s just the two of us

Our time, our space

I open my eyes briefly

The pillow is still empty

For now our faces

Are found in different spaces

But love is filling the empty space

between us

And soon we will be face to face

Tracing one another’s facial features

As we fall asleep and into a dream

Where we will meet again

And the sound of our hearts beating together

Will echo loudly

Our time, our space


Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels

#RomanticTuesday: Empty Spaces

“But nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it.” 
― Calla QuinnAll the Time

Empty spaces breathe silently

Spaces devoid of light

That of yours

I look around and listen for the sound of your voice

I look around for the visage of your face

Empty spaces breathe silently

Spaces devoid of color

That of yours

Brilliant glow

A multitude of shades and tones

And I cherish every one of them

Empty spaces

Waiting to be filled by you

Your light

Your voice

Your face

Your colors

Your glow

All missed

Very much so


photo credit: Pinterest – Creative photography from Sasha Nikitin

4 Line Stories: Weathered Heart

The day was clouded with mystery

Although it was shaping up as a typical day

I’m guessing my heart was partly sunny like the sky

Looking around and within, I was missing you

photo credit: 1freewallpapers.com

Romantic Tuesday: Yes, I Miss You 

“so I wait for you like a lonely house
till you will see me again and live in me.
Till then my windows ache.”
Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets


Of course the heart will ache

It will bend and it will stretch

It will expand and contract

Close itself off from the world

And continue to unfold in the new day


Yes, I miss you

I confess

As I make facial gestures

Which suggest the sorrow as such

It comes with the territory

Love without boundaries

Yes, I miss you

The abyss is there

I stare but not dive in

Hanging on to every thread

Time feels dead

But this is the part of the road we must tread


Yes, I miss you

I confess


photo credit: pexels.com


Romantic Tuesday: There Will Come A Time


There will come a time

There will be a place

When we will own time

We will take our place together in life

Falling asleep will no longer leave one heart on an empty street

Instead, we will sleepwalk  on a dream street

I stare into your sad eyes while thankful for the face-time

You perceive the loneliness in mine

There will come a time

One day, we know

When we will own time

In our place of togetherness


photo courtesy of pixabay.com



#Romantic Tuesday: Order For One

I pretend to not notice the empty chair

How alive the world was when you sat there

My eyes have been shaded 

The color almost gone

If this is what missing you feels like, then take it away

But I will handle the heart tremors, it’s part of loving you

Thundering outside, matches the thundering in my soul

A gaping hole without you around 

Listening to song after song to fill the space

Caught myself standing in place

The circumference of missing you

No matter which way I turn, the silence clutches me stronger 

Each time I sigh, the breath is a little longer

Just like the day, life seems absent without you

Favorite photo in hand, thinking of your hands 

And the last clasp before our fingers let loose

So I sit at the table, the waiter comes

For now it’s just an order for one


photo courtesy of pixabay.com