Eloquent Heartache

Giving way to another day gone by

The setting sun bids us good night

Solemn is the heart tinged with sadness

We hold hands until our fingertips slip apart

Our eyes survey the frontier of tomorrow

In hopes that we will meet once again soon

Longing hearts beat eloquently

And this colorful sky darkens unhurriedly

Bequeathing us with a lasting mental timestamp

In lieu of midnight restlessness

When Β missing one another causes the heart to ache



photo credit:Β icandyphotographydesign.blogspot.comΒ 





13 thoughts on “Eloquent Heartache

  1. Sylvester, this is touching the heart. Missing can become the biggest challenge of two loving hearts and then again the sweetest feeling and insight of love. I think love is felt even deeper and clearer when missing someone and it is filled with inspiration and the strong motivation to find ways of changing that situation.

    1. It can make or break a relationship, but if the love is truly solidified, then missing the other increase the strength of the union. Thank you!

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