#MondayThoughts – Dead Weight

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What do we want out of life? To live the best quality of life possible and perhaps to make a difference (a positive one) in the lives of others.

How many movies have we scene where our heroes are trying to get to safety by either plane or even hot air balloon? There’s a problem though, there’s too much weight and it’s keeping them from taking off completely. They are hovering just above ground until they start to toss out things and then they begin to rise, higher and higher until…..there is complete take off.

Now, think of your life. Think of the goals, dreams and hopes you have on your radar. As you begin to move in the direction towards them, you find yourself making progress but at some point you feel like you’re hovering at a certain level as if something is holding you down. Is it negative thoughts? Is it fear? Is it complacency? Is it settling and not believing you can go further?

Once you have established just what it is that is holding you down, you begin to unload them (at your pace) and you begin to rise/move forward. It might take a while, as you look around and discover what the dead weight is. Negative thoughts certainly make the journey heavier and can convince us to give up and that it is not worth the effort. Fear will basically try to hit us before we can even get started (almost like being sucker punched). Complacency is the silent thief that lulls you to sleep and leaves in a sedative (unknowingly) by the numbers reality. Settling tells you that there’s no hope and this is as good as it gets, so just accept things as is. “It is what it is” (Makes me want to puke) doesn’t necessarily means it has to be that way.

Whatever your dream, whatever you are striving to achieve, take the time to see what, if anything is holding you down and take it from there. You have what it takes to get where you want to be.

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Just lighting a little fire 🔥

In actually, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone but as you blow by those who doubt you and try to give you a million reasons why it can’t be done, it’s okay if they choke on your dust a little….

*Stay inspired and keep rising


6 thoughts on “#MondayThoughts – Dead Weight

  1. Whatever is, is the beginning of what can be. Although it is an inner decision it can be difficult to know what the actual weight is that holds us down. Sometimes it is patience we need to become open for the insight and cut that string, eventually.

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